- The Covenant Platform for financial fortune

Deuteronomy 8:18 “But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day”

No natural father wishes poverty upon any of his children. God is no exception. The Bible tells us in 1st Timothy 6:17 that God gives us all things, including money, to richly enjoy.

Our Father has oceanic dimension of wealth and nations of the earth are like drops of water in His hands. God has more than enough to make all His Children rich. If every child of God becomes a billionaire today, it will not have any effect on the amount of riches He has in store. God has made provisions in His words to give to us all things that will make us enjoy our life on earth.

Life without prosperity is burdensome, it's a journey of agony and struggles. God does not want His children to experience struggles, but to enjoy and that is why we’ll be looking at “The Covenant platform for financial fortune this week”

The Covenant is God's platform for the supernatural enrichment of His people.
The covenant is an agreement based on well-defined terms stated in scriptures and
sealed with an oath. That is God who cannot lie, swearing and doubly assuring you of His blessings, if you take him by His word. You will be empowered to experience wealth in dimensions that natural humans cannot explain. If you subscribe consistently to God’s instruction, then get ready for financial breakthrough.(Deuteronomy 8:18)

The covenant is superior to climatic conditions and geographic locations. Once you subscribe to its terms and obey the instructions, the windows of heaven will open. Genesis 8:22 explains that the covenant is that of seed time and harvest. As long as day and night exchange positions, the covenant is in force.

God's prosperity plan is not a promise, it is a covenant . If you are not a giver, you are not entitled to financial fortune. The covenant is not a respecter of any man’s condition. God is only moved by His word and His instructions are there to change the story of man for the better. Romans 10:11-12 says whosoever believes in Him shall not be ashamed. That means if you do not believe in God’s covenant, get ready for financial shame.

Supernatural financial fortune is a question of trust . Until God can trust you, He will not give to you and you cannot give to God if you do not trust him. So, if you are not giving, it means you do not trust God and if you do not trust him, He cannot trust you. He said draw nearer to me and I will draw nearer to you, trust me and I will trust you. Luke 16:11 says if you are not faithful in the unrighteous mammon, how will God commit to your trust the true riches?(Luke 16:11)

There are two economies, the natural and the supernatural. The supernatural is God’s economy and it operates on the giving platform. For you to enjoy the resources of the supernatural economy, giving must become a lifestyle. Proverbs 11:25 says the liberal soul shall be made fat. Liberality is a nature; when you have the nature of giving it becomes part of you to give everyday. You are excited whenever there is an opportunity to do so. If you are not excited to give, financial prosperity is not for you for God loves a cheerful giver. It does not matter how long you have been in church or in a Service Unit, if you are not a giver of material things, poverty may dwell with you.

The widow of Zarephath was about to die and God's representive asked her to give him her last meal and live. That was a question of trust. Naturally it seemed like wickedness, but if she had doubted the sincerity of the prophet of God she would have indeed died. But the scripture says, when she dropped the seed, she, her son and the prophet were feeding fat, even in the time of famine.

There is no alternative to giving. Giving is a spiritual transaction for provoking divine supplies. The more you give, the more spiritual you become and the spiritual realm controls the physical. Noah's sacrifice ascended to heaven in Genesis 8:20-22, so our giving is not restricted to earth. You may give to the church, the poor, your parents, but in the spirit realm, God is the one you gave it to. That is to say all giving is to God and that is the mentality we all need to have. Remember, to be spiritually minded is life and peace but to be carnally minded is death.

In Genesis 22 God responded to Abraham's giving gesture by saying, now I know you trust and fear me, therefore, I will bless you. He did the same to Solomon in 1st Kings 3:3-8.

We have to understand that a covenant walk demands that we start from where we are. Do not wish to give one million, start from where you are and begin to grow and increase. Everyone you see giving hundred thousand today may have started from five naira. So start giving at your own level. It will open the heavens, supply miracles, divine ideas and supply money-making steps. Givers can never be stranded because they are divinely directed and God rebukes the devourer for their sake.

We cannot walk in financial dominion until we first submit our finances to God through our giving. We must let God rule our finances. The scripture says submit thyself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. Many want to resist the devil without submitting first to God. That is an exercise in futility. When God visited Adam, He never mentioned Satan to him, He only gave him an instruction and told him that if he obeyed, he would dwell in the garden of plenty. But when Satan came, the first thing he attacked was the instruction God gave to Adam. God knew Satan was in existence but He never made any reference to him because He knows that so long as man keeps the instruction given to him, Satan is irrelevant.

Many bind the devil but most times, that is unnecessary. If we keep God's instructions, witches and wizards notwithstanding, our life will still blossom. That was where Adam lost it. Satan went for the instruction and succeeded in destroying Adam's life of abundance. If Satan can get you to disobey God's instruction on money matters then he has captured you in poverty. The scripture says, ...poverty and shame shall be to him that refuseth instructions."

 Giving begins with our Tithe: This is ten percent of all our increase, it belongs to God and we are instructed to bring it to the store house - the place where we are fed spiritually. God says, "...prove me (in that regard) if I will not open the heavens and pour you out a blessing..." People talk about physical fornication and adultery, but many are doing the same financially. According to Leviticus 27:30, all tithe belongs to God and you are unholy if you add the tithe to your own money. Each time you do that, your own finance becomes corrupt and you engage in financial adultery whenever you pay in an incorrect percentage. Malachi 3:7-10 teaches us that withholding your tithe from God makes Him see you as a thief, and no one trusts a thief. God's money and your money are not the same. Whenever you make it yours, you are cursed and you begin to struggle financially. A wise woman once said, "the tithe is God's portion that makes the remainder meaningful."

The tithe is not to be divided, used for welfare or to buy spiritual books. it is not your own and so you do not have the right to determine how it should be used ...it is only unto the Lord. Tithe is the umbilical cord that ties the believer to his Father, just like the baby in the womb. Many are dying financially because the umbilical cord (tithe) between them and God has been severed.

 The second fundamental giving instruction is Offering. (Deuteronomy 16:16). You must always appear before God with an offering that befits your status. It may look like a mustard seed today but just be consistent because very soon it will become a giant tree.

However, giving is not restricted to money, but everything that has to do with life (Philippians 4:16). You may give your time in service to God, especially in the area of rescuing men from destruction of sin and iniquity.

Jesus gave until He gave His life and as a result, we have Jesus as omnipresent. If He had refused to give it, He would not have become omnipresent. What you keep will rot multiply.

From Psalms 35:27, we learn that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of those who serve Him. He is excited when they prosper. So, do you serve God with your energy, resources and time? We must touch God with our service and commitment so He can touch men to bless us...for the heart of the king is in His hand, He turns it whichever way He desires (Proverbs 21:1).

In conclusion, Giving is not a onetime thing , but a lifetime venture. We give in growing dimensions, bearing in mind that our giving is not to help the recipient, but ourselves.. For instance, giving to parents, the poor, etc helps to enlarge you and if you want to destroy poverty, attack it with your giving. Welcome to your season of financial fortune.
Remain Ever Blessed! Jesus is Lord!!!