WALKING IN FINANCIAL DOMINION (Wisdom Platform to Walking in Financial Dominion )/Breaking Invisible barriers. – Part 3

“O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all: the earth is full of thy riches”- Psalm 104:24.
Wisdom is the custodian of wealth. God who is the only wise God is the wealthiest God and if you are truly wise, you will be wealthy. Lack, penury, want and poverty are indications of inadequate wisdom. Solomon the wisest king of his days, was the wealthiest of his time. (Proverbs 3:13-16, 4:7-9).
What is Wisdom?
Wisdom is simply putting God's word to work, according to the set rules (Matthew 7:24-25)
Wisdom does not reduce men, but promotes and enthrones them. Following God's word does not bring down, it takes up and no matter how ordinary a man may be, if he will diligently hearken to the voice of the word of God, he shall be set on high, according to Deuteronomy 28:1.
Wherever a man stops obeying God is where God stops with him. Your present level does not really matter; what matters is what God says and what you do because that is what determines the dominion you enjoy. Everything God says is for man's blessing (2nd Timothy 3:15) and God has nothing to gain by man's obedience; man is the one that has everything to lose by disobeying God. A perfect example is the instruction in John 15:16. It simply means, if you are interested in bringing souls to the kingdom you will not struggle in prayers because whatsoever you ask in the name of JESUS, you shall be given. But, if you are not interested in Soul winning, when you cry God will not hear you (Zechariah 7:13). Being interested in what interests The Father, secures audience, prayer advantage and positive response from Him.
The wisdom of God concerning financial prosperity is in Luke 6:38. It makes us understand that if you are not interested in giving what you have then God is not permitted to release what is in His hands. We have to be liberal to be able to receive what God has to give and His covenant is according to His terms. Many times we want things from God but we want them in our own way and that is not possible.
The cure to poverty is giving. Whatever excludes or prevents you from giving has excluded you from prosperity.
So wisdom is not just to hear the word and write it down, neither is it preaching and demonstrating the word. You can preach the word on giving and remain a beggar; there are several founders of churches, apostles, prophets, and others who are beggars simply because they preach giving but do not practice it. You can know scriptures from Genesis to Revelation and live in penury if you do not practice the scripture you know.
Wealth is a spirit. Hard work, diligence, skill, connection are all very good but they are not sufficient enough to bring anybody into wealth. Real wealth is either gotten from God or the devil and those who get it from the devil pay heavily to get it. If Satan could not give it to Jesus without a price (Luke 4:5-7) then he will not give it to anyone else without a price. Every man has a choice to either submit to the lordship of money or to the lordship of God as it is impossible to submit to both. You either love God and despise money or the other way round. Many are victims of the love of money; they stop at nothing just to get it because they are under its rulership. Money determines everything about their life including when they smile and when they are healthy. That is why God says for you to get money, you must give it out, you must prove that money is under your feet and not your lord. You must send money on errands in order to command more of it and that can only happen through the act of giving. Those who cannot give are simply saying money is their god.

You can read all the books of Bill Gates and those of other prosperous men in this world but you cannot get at their secrets until you find out about their spirituality. You will not know where they source their money from. Anyone who gets evil wealth gets it from Satan by giving his soul, a loved one or engaging in one dangerous sacrifice or another, but believers want to get it from God without any exchange of value. That is why God says, "...the silver and the gold is mine (and the way you can get them is to give). Giving means surrendering everything just to show that you serve God and not the money.
God is jealous and whatever that comes between you and Him blocks Him from stepping in for you and interestingly, money is the greatest competitor with God. So, the only way to humble money is to give it out. When we do, we simply demonstrate trust in Him and acknowledge that money is not our god.
The purpose of God's wealth is not for us to accumulate but for us to be blessings to others. God will not bless anyone beyond his commitment to kingdom promotion endeavours. Our giving must first be targeted at advancing the kingdom of God. When they neglected the things of God in Haggai 1:4-11 He ensured that they remained poor. Kingdom wealth is for kingdom promoters and the larger your heart for the things of God, the more money He will bring your way. God looks for channels, not consumers or containers. Therefore, giving is the way we prove to God that our trust is in Him and we must practice a-3600 dimension of giving - to God, to those ahead of you, to those at your level and to those below your level so as to experience supernatural prosperity (Ecclesiastes 11:2-3).
Channels of Giving
Giving has several channels which include:
i. Tithe: This refers to ten percent of all our increase and it belongs to God. Tithing is not just an old testament phenomenon (Hebrews 7:8) and God says whenever we pay our tithes He will open the windows of heaven to pour us out a blessing. The question now is, what is the function of a window? Windows give light and proper ventilation. Whenever we pay our tithes there are invisible windows and the blessings come in the form of light, direction, wisdom, ideas, creative ways of getting and saving money. People are stranded because they do not know what to do but the cure to being stranded is giving.
Because one window cannot sufficiently ventilate a house, God opens more than one. The longer you tithe the more windows are opened to you and when you stop, the windows stop opening, leading to stagnation.
It is important to note that ;. If you are not capturing what comes to your hand, your tithe becomes an assumption. Those who pay tithe accurately are diligent record keepers.
ii. Worship Offerings: This is what we give to God every time we appear in His presence (church).
iii. Giving to the poor:The Bible outlines some of the benefits of considering the poor and one of the better ways to consider someone is to give to them.(Psalm 41:1-3)
iv. Giving to parents: Bible admonishes us to honour our parents. Consistently giving to them is a must, if we truly honour them.

It is possible to do the right thing and not get the right result, when it is not done the right way. That means it is not just giving, but acceptable giving that produces fruits. God who commands us to give has certain terms upon which we must give, if we are to reap the benefits. Some of the terms are:
i. You must give in Faith: Giving in faith means giving in accordance with the word, that whatever leaves your hand does not leave your life; it may leave your hand right now but it is waiting for you in multiplied form tomorrow. That is, giving in faith that...I am not giving away but giving to make a way out. (Hebrews 11:4-5)
2. You must give in Love: If you claim to love God you will give because He also gave as a prove of His love for the world. Giving is difficult when you do not love. In 1st Corinthians 13:2-3 we are made to understand that nothing works without love. We give to God, not only because we want to get from Him, but as an expression of our love for Him,. Our giving to God is to prove the sincerity of our love for Him, and it is when we prove that sincerity that He begins to manifest in our lives (2nd Corinthians 8:8). The giving that brings profiting is the one that is done as a demonstration of love.
3. You must give cheerfully (2nd Corinthians 9:6-7). For your giving to be acceptable you must do it smiling, not frowning or lamenting.
4. You must give tirelessly (Galatians 6:9) It is not enough to start giving, you keep doing it until you fill up your cloud. When you stop giving before your harvest time, you lose your seed. If you faint, you lose it but, if you continue, the harvest is guaranteed.

One of the major returns accruable from our giving is that God becomes our shield and fights our battles (Psalms 41:1).
There are lots of people who do not experience progress simply because invisible barriers have blocked their advancement (1st Corinthians 16:9, 2nd Corinthians 4:18)

What does it take to break invisible barriers?
1. Faith: In Ephesians 6:16, Bible says we quench the devil's bullets by our faith. Faith is needed to break invisible barriers and your faith will require your mouth (2nd Corinthians 4:13). If you believe that barriers cannot stop you then start speaking against them. Until David brought down the barrier called Goliath the palace was not open to him. He started by speaking to Goliath.
2.Engage the name of Jesus: (Psalms 118:10-12),
3.. Secure Divine Presence (Isaiah 64:1-2). Mountains and barriers give way at the sight of divine presence.
How Do I Secure Divine Presence?
Always do the things that please God, and nothing pleases God like soul winning. The bible says for every sinner that repents there is joy in heaven (Luke 15:7). Soul winning gets God excited and as a result, He keeps company with those involved in praying for the advancement of the kingdom and turning many to righteousness (Matthew 28:19-20). Divine presence is not gotten by crying for it, it is secured by what we do. Some are looking for God and there are those that God is looking for. You do not find God by going to different prayer mountains, you find Him by doing those things that get Him excited and nothing excites God like the salvation of souls. Therefore, everyone on the go to save souls enjoys divine presence.
To carry His presence we must engage our hearts in planning and investing our time, energy and resources in the things that please Him. Those whose only interest is coming to church and receiving prayers and prophetic declarations cannot enjoy His presence.

3. By the Anointing (Isaiah 10:27). Every barrier - spiritual, marital, financial, carrier, academic, etc - is a yoke and a burden and when you invoke the anointing it is crushed. Whatever Satan has placed on anyone as a mark which brings near-success and repeated disappointment, by the anointing, all those invisible marks of the enemy will be totally erased.