“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name”- John 1:12.

Every miracle is a product of the word you receive, believe and apply. The proof of your believe in a word is the action you take in respect to that word.  Coming to church alone does not change anybody’s position; the chairs are always in church, during and out of services but nothing changes for them because they do not have the capacity to receive, believe or act on any word.

Though a lot of people want God to intervene in their matter, they despise His word, treating it with levity.

In John 9:11 Jesus asked a blind man to go and wash in a pool, rather than heal him on the spot. There was no need to document the word; the man simply received it and obeyed without debate, prompting a release of the miracle he sought.

Jesus gave a group of struggling fishermen some instructions in John 21:5-6 which, when adhered to, generated a super-abundant catch.

Even if God knows that people are struggling, He will do nothing except they consciously agree to work in line with His word. He is a covenant-keeping God and His word is His covenant. if you are not ready for His word, then you are not ready for His intervention.   

Prophetically the end time church is ordained a breakthrough, supernatural church and miracle-filled church. It is not a stagnated church and the people in it are not a bunch of frustrated never-do-wells. The church of Christ is a collection of enviable personalities which you are part of. The church reigns and rules spiritually, intellectually, economically and in every sphere of life (Micah 4:1-2). God is committed to the success of every member of the church because He intends to use our success story as a sickle of harvest, to bring in lost souls. Success has so many friends and so when the church is successful, people naturally will flow into it because the people will evangelize themselves by saying, “We have seen that things are working for them, if they do not invite us we are going to invite ourselves."

However, outstanding success has a price tag as no one succeeds by accident and Dedicated Kingdom stewardship is one major price to pay for it. It is a commitment to seek and serve God and the interest of the kingdom as a lifestyle. It empowers us to live above failure and mediocrity (Matthew 6:33) and guarantees success in our endeavors because it provokes the blessings of God - which makes the difference - on us. Psalm 1:3 is not talking about connection, effort, expertise, qualification or skill when it says whatever we do shall prosper, because there is a blessing to it, the blessing that comes from dedicated kingdom stewardship   (Malachi 3:18). God puts a difference between those who just come to church as a form of religious activity, and sons who serve devotedly in His kingdom. This is the category of people that God wants to display and showcase. Dedication requires that we make our lives a seed to God and for a seed not to remain the same, it has to be planted because in every seed there is a forest. In the same manner, everyone has a giant inside which will only remain a potential until we allow ourselves to be planted in kingdom soil (Mark 5:30-32).

From the mustard seed example in that scripture, we can deduce that size and status do not matter, so long as one is planted as a dedicated servant of God. We have too many unplanted believers that is why we have too many struggling believers. In John 12:24-26, Jesus says except a corn of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it abides alone. However, if it accepts to die in the inconvenience of the heat of the soil - dead to self, reputation, position, opinion of men,  mockery and insult  -  it brings forth much fruit.

So everybody has a choice because serving God is not a gift and we do not serve God by force. Joshua said, "choose ye this day whom you shall serve..."

Dedicated Service to God Brings About New Beginnings

Every problem that has a beginning, has an end and it does not matter how long a challenge stays, new beginnings are real.  We need to understand certain truths: Our God is a God of new beginnings (Isaiah 43:18); failure is not final and success is not a destination. Just in case you have been failing, you will not die with failure and even if you have been succeeding, there is a better chapter of success available to you . There is really no point in life where one can say they have arrived because in our walk with God, according to Proverbs 4:18, there is always a higher ground.

Nevertheless, to experience a new beginning there are certain steps we must follow:

  1. Detach from the past: The past is an enemy of the new, and new is always better than the old. You cannot hold onto the past and expect something new. All we should do with the past is pick lessons from it, leave the debris behind and move on. Jettison past negative habits like lying, backbiting, cheating and destroying other people's homes. Also, if you want to experience a new pattern of success certain ways of speaking are to be dropped. You cannot continue to do things the same way and expect a different result. Daniel had to let go of the past to move forward, unlike Lot's wife, who clung to the past and paid dearly for it.
  2. Have a vision: Vision of a preferred future of a better tomorrow. If you are detach from the past then get a new vision. In Genesis 13:14,15, God knew that it was important for Abraham to get a new vision, having just ceded territory to Lot. God said to him, "lift up now thine eyes and look northward and southward-for all the land which thou seest to thee will I give it and to thine seed forever." So we can say that what you do not see, God will not give. Your sight determines your limit. In another example, God told Jeremiah that He would hasten His word to perform what Jeremiah saw.