“And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth”-Revelation 5:10.

August 26, 2018

The church of Christ, the end time church is a ruling , reigning and triumphant church. The church refers to the individuals in the church,  those who are redeemed,  bought back from the dungeon of the devil. According to Ist Peter 2:9, every child of God belong to royalty. We do not need to wait till we get to heaven before we can rule. The bible makes us understand that God made us Kings and Priests and we will not suspend our rulership till when we get to heaven, it begins from here.

God says He shall make us the head and not the tail, we shall be lenders and not borrowers. The church will be made up of trailblazers, pacesetters, CEOs and MDs, because it is God's plan. He has purposed for us to set the pace in marvellous things and we must not shy away from it because of anybody's envy. If you drop the truth because of insults or abuses from others then you have dropped your heritage. People may not agree with you or see what you see but do not drop the truth because in a moment, it will become flesh.

However, although we have a rich heritage, it takes kingdom stewardship to realize it. We are meant to reign and rule but this rulership heritage will remain elusive, until we embrace the demands of stewardship. If we are not willing to stoop low to serve, we cannot be enthroned (Luke 22:28-30).

Even as we serve, we must ensure that our service is of the highest quality as that is what determines the weight of our dominion on earth. No one needs a title to serve God;  we can serve Him whether we are ordained or not, bearing in mind that He has already ordained us (John 15:16).

One of the main ways of rendering service to God is by reconciling lost souls to Him. We are not redeemed to make a living but to make others to live, to rescue men from hell; that is the ministry which God gave to us (2nd Corinthians 5:18-20).

All through scriptures you find accounts of people who got enthroned by service. One example was Job, a renowned business leader in his days who was an acclaimed servant of God (Job 1:1-3, 8-9). Job served faithfully to the point that God boasted about him to Satan. He became the greatest in his days because he served the interest of God's kingdom.

Another example was Daniel, a Prime Minister of Babylon. He served God with such great renown that kings knew him (Daniel 6:20) and he became a generational star who was relevant to several successive governments. Even as Prime Minister, he still had time to serve God.

An example from our generation is John D. Rockefeller, America's first billionaire. He was a church warden whose responsibility was to ensure that the church auditorium was in order before and after service. He served in that position for three tenures, never feeling too big.

How Do I know Whom I Serve?

Romans. 6:16 says if you yield yourself, time, energy, resources for the advancement of God's kingdom then you are serving God; you may be a pastor and not be a servant of God. Servants of God are those who serve Him from their hearts, in their privacy and in the open. Those are the only ones entitled to enthronement.

Apart from all the benefits above, we also enjoy OPEN HEAVENS as servants of the Most High God.

What is Open Heaven?

It represents the opening of God's treasure for the outpouring of His blessings upon man.  Coming under an open heaven is coming under the rain of God's blessings.

Why Open Heaven?

John 3:27 reminds us that nothing good happens to anyone until the heaven over them is open.  Heaven is God's treasure house from where, James 1:17 says, "every good and perfect gift comes..."  So until your heavens are open nothing good gets across to you (Deuteronomy 28:12).

Benefits of an Open Heaven

  1. Rain fall

The first time the heavens opened was in Genesis 7:11-12 and there was an outpouring of rain.

When rain comes down, the earth is compelled to release its contents. It is subdued because whatever is from above is above all (James 3:27, 5:18). Heaven compel the earth to respond to its beck and call, imposing itself on whatever happens on earth. Therefore when rain falls, blessings of fruitfulness answer because "....the earth will bring forth fruits...."

When heaven shuts its windows on anyone, it is 'aluta continua' for that person         (2 Chronicles 7:13, Malachi  3:10).  He experiences frustration, disappointments, aborted projects and a lot more.

  1. Liberty

Open heaven brings about liberty from the oppressor. The same way Satan was cast out of heaven is the same way he is removed from the life of anyone who enjoys open heaven. Sorrow is forbidden in his life because there is no sorrow in heaven and all Satanic oppressions are suspended.

In Deuteronomy 28:12 God promises to open the heavens and pour us out a blessing, He promises to bless all the works of our hands; that is, everything about us will be impacted by that blessing. To be blessed means to prosper and flourish; it means you will not suffer heat and everything will fall in line for you. It means heaven and earth are summoned to be in your favour, making you fortunate, joyful and happy.

How to experience perpetual open heavens

First, we must understand that the opening of heaven on anyone is a personal matter (Deuteronomy 28:23). That is why it is possible to be in a church that enjoys these experiences and yet have a closed heaven. Therefore to experience open heaven, you must

  • Become a citizen of Heaven :Being a citizen of heaven involves being born again .Surrender your heart to Christ, let there be an exchange of responsibility. Give Jesus your life and he will take charge over it while you begin to live His Become a citizen of heaven and earthly things will no longer happen to you,(Colossians 1:13, Ephesians 2:8)
  • Repent of your sins:. Refrain from consciously committing sin because it blocks the open heaven . Farming on a cursed ground is an exercise in futility because no cursed ground can produce anything. (2 Chronicles 7:13-14)

Repent of the sins of a lukewarm attitude towards God, deception, lying, etc. The Bible says, "....the sorrow of them that seek other gods will multiply."

  • Obedience to all issues, especially the following
  1. Kingdom-First Command (Matthew 6:33, Haggai 1:9-14). God says if we fail to make Him first, He will abandon us. It is therefore wisdom to do His own first, taking His yoke, just as He has advised us to.

The kingdom-first command is the Zion command; it is not just coming to Zion but being regular and productive in it, because Zion is the distribution centre of heaven's treasures (...upon mount Zion...the seed of the righteous shall possess her possession). If you are not interested in the up-keep of the house of God open heaven is not for you.

  1. The Giving Command (Malachi 3:10)

Blessings do not just answer to people, they respond to our obedience to commands of God, in this case, the giving command. Any man waiting to be blessed may wait forever because if we want to be blessed, we must initiate it by giving.

Whenever we are asked to give it is not because God is in need and He is not interested in anyone's pocket because no matter what any man has, it is still wretched compared to His wealth. God is simply looking for those who will partner with Him in kingdom advancement endeavours so He can channel his gold and silver to their pockets (Haggai 2:7-14). We must understand that God does not need us for anything but rather we need Him for everything. If you give God what you have (your size) He will give you His size of blessings. The bible says, the whole earth is like a drop of water in His hand.

Any Christian that misses giving will miss God and the windows of heaven will not respond to him.

Keep at your giving and suddenly, like a dream of the night, your rain will fall. God cannot fail or deny Himself that is why whenever you receive a command from Him, just keep at it in order for your blessings to be released.

  • The prayer command (Luke 3:21-22, James 5:17-18)

Heaven does not open to those who are full of self. So, to command open heavens you must learn to engage in kingdom advancement prayers (Matt 6:9-10). Before you start praying for your daily bread you must first pray for His kingdom. Jesus began both to do and to teach; He prayed and the heavens were opened because He put the kingdom first. If you do likewise, you will have a 'supply-before-need' kind of experience. That is what a lot of believers who soar are enjoying. When you place kingdom advancement prayers as number one on your prayer list and you engage very well you may not need to pray for your personal needs.

Elijah prayed, the heavens opened and the entire nation acknowledged his God. They said "The God of Elijah is God." when he called down fire to consume the sacrifice on the altar. That is to tell you that his prayer was a kingdom advancement one. A kind of prayer that made an entire nation surrender to Christ.

  • The praise command (Zechariah 14:17)

God inhabits the praises of His people and He enjoys it when you thank Him for everything you see in your life, no matter how minute. Praising God creates an atmosphere of heaven around your life. No matter what the situation might be at the time (Habakkuk 3:17-19), praise Him because you have something others do not have. Take time to thank Him for it and as you do, He will add what you need.

In conclusion, always celebrate God for your life because everything is added to life and nothing is added without life. You will not even have the opportunity to complain (Joel 1:9). If you want a positive change, stop looking at what is not working but focus on that which is working and praise God  everyday to create a conducive atmosphere for what you want to see.

Remain Ever Blessed!!! Jesus Is Lord!!!