August 19, 2018

 “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits”  -Daniel 11:32

Envy-provoking dimension of success is not an ambition, but the heritage of every child of God.  It is our right to be prosperous,  healthy, fruitful and to live long because we are joint-heirs with Christ.  (Luke 1:32-33, John 17:18-19, Matthew 12:42).

Every child of God is sent and equipped for greatness to the point that Jesus declared that we will do greater works, in John 14:12.

Each one of us has the capacity and potential to experience a higher dimension of greatness than Christ did because every miracle is a product of the word received, believed and engaged.

In the first church, the bible says there was not any feeble person among them. They were possessors of lands and if the scriptures say the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former, it means that the body of Christ today is a body of giants, a family of saviors.

Therefore the end-time church is a ruling church of people who dominate and set the pace in every sphere of life.

Consequently, divine authority is vested in the church and the personalities in it. Brethren, we have a very rich heritage in Christ.

However, that greatness which is packaged for us in redemption will never become a reality until we subscribe to the demands of KINGDOM STEWARDSHIP. If we do not pass the test of obedience and service, our greatness in Jesus may never be realised   (Job 36:11).

God is not a 'father Christmas', but a covenant keeper who plays his part and expects that we play ours. Look at it this way; though Jesus has paid the ultimate price, crediting our spiritual accounts with prosperity and noiseless breakthroughs, we can only make withdrawals by passing the test of obedience and stewardship. Until we align to the way of God’s thinking and God’s way of getting his agenda done, we cannot partake of His provisions.

Furthermore, obedience and service to God cause Him to fight some invisible and unknown battles for us, guaranteeing that we win without struggles and enjoy our breakthrough in peace.  Obedience to God’s instructions reduces our need to pray for things. Whatever He tells you to do, do it and you will command noiseless breakthroughs in the midst of your enemies (Psalm 112:10).

Everyone who obeys God enjoys prosperity with protection and defense because when He blesses, He protects. God will not pour water into a basket; He does not bless you and leave you exposed to the wicked. The safest thing to do when you see the hand of God upon anybody is to bless that person so that you too can be blessed because the most dangerous person to go against is somebody who is blessed of God.

So, obedience and service are the keys. If God did not exempt Christ from these  two tests it will be foolhardy for any believer to expect breakthrough without passing them.


Having talked about obedience and service as two key ways of ensuring our greatness on earth, it is important to explore some vital channels of executing kingdom stewardship.

Spiritual Stewardship: Spiritual stewardship  involves serving God in prayers for the advancement of the kingdom, interceding for challenged members of the body of Christ and praying for the general wellbeing of the church. It may also involve fasting, as is the case with Anna, ( Luke 2:37, Galatians 6:8)

Kingdom Promotion Giving: Serving God with our means  for the promotion of the kingdom is also very important. When God says  "serve me", it is not because He has need but because it is a platform for blessing. Several misfortunes may occur to those who neglect to sow into the house of God - giving for kingdom purposes - according to Haggai 1:5-13. In that scripture, the bible says  consider your ways, in other words, "this is not the way to do it." God is simply saying, "Be part of decorating and beautifying my house and then I will decorate you too.

The answers to our prayer are in these things.

The things on which you spend your substance determines where your heart is. In the day of battle do not call on God if your treasure is not with him,   In Mark 12:21, Jesus sat by the treasury and watched as the people dropped their offerings and He still does the same today.

Physical Service: This is the type which is done in church, across any of the service units like Choir, Ushering   Media & IT, Crowd Control and others. God queries people that are idle in the church.(Matthew 20:6, Amos 6:1, Malachi 3:17)

Giving to Charity : This is being a blessing to others. Putting smiles on the face of people- Job 29:15-16.

In conclusion,  as important as stewardship is to a child of God, no one can engage in it on their own because we do not prevail by our strength (1st Samuel 2:9). We need God's input and the enablement of the Holy Spirit as, the Spirit helpeth our infirmities (Romans 8:26). You cannot obey and serve God in the energy of the flesh. Men want to serve God but they lack the required help. Paul said, "I have continued till this day with the help of God." That is exactly what we need. Receive grace  for continued stewardship in God's kingdom .Remain ever Blessed !!!  Jesus Is Lord !!!