Oct 21, 2018


“O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee in the sanctuary”- Psalm 63:1-2.

According to scriptures, we must seek God to get at His power and when we get at His power,  we get at His glory. It is orderly; scripture says let all things be done decently and in order. Lots of people want the glory and power of God but they want to relegate Him. When you get at God you get everything He has, that is why “Wise people seek after God “.

 Jesus' disciples were with Him for three and a half years, they were taught, yet they needed to be empowered before they could function because even Jesus knew that if they went without empowerment their dues will not be given to them. Without the enduement of the Holy Ghost life will be devoid of glory, colour and beauty. It takes the enduement of the Holy Ghost with His diverse operations in our lives to ride the waves of glory.  The Holy Ghost is therefore given to us to reflect the glory and beauty of God (1st Corinthian 12:7).


The Holy Spirit can manifest as

  1. THE SPIRIT OF LOVE (2nd Timothy 1:7):It is the Spirit of God that empowers us to love Him, and walk in love, beyond natural capacity. The natural man is self-centred so it takes a release from God to terminate that nature and impart His nature because He is love.

But what is love, some may ask.

Love in this context is a God-first, God-priority, God-addicted, kingdom promotion lifestyle. God is not a spare that should be remembered when the main  one has issues. Many people only talk about God when they have challenges in their lives whereas, He should be everywhere at all times in our lives.

What is it about Love?

Love is the greatest. Nothing can ever be greater than our love life and greatness in all aspects of life comes by love.

  1. Love for God brings us into realms we cannot access by our efforts, hard work, diligence and or expertise. 1st Corinthians 2:9 says "...Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.  For instance, to be in everlasting remembrance cannot be done by efforts. In 1996 Israel celebrated over Three Thousand years of David's departure from earth and this was because he was a man whose heart was continually panting after God and in response to that God said...you will never lack a seed on the throne.

You can send your child to school but you cannot enthrone him. These are things that our efforts cannot give us but our love for God will create an everlasting legacy for us. If God could do it for David because of love then he will do it for anyone.

Solomon accessed realms of wealth and wisdom which no natural man can access by reason of his love for God.

  1. When we love God supernaturally all things begin to work for our good (Romans 8:28) that is why we must covet the Spirit of love. Your love for God can never be too much. Everything of the spirit grows that is why our love for God must continue to grow, through the enablement of the Spirit.

Biblical proofs of love

  • If you love God, you will love His house,
  • If you love God, you will not find faults with God , neither will you doubt Him or His messengers. It is said that where “Love is thick,  faults are thin. If you have issues against God it means your love level is low.
  • If you love God, you will love what He loves (soul winning and kingdom advancement endeavours).
  1. THE SPIRIT OF THE FEAR OF THE LORD (Isaiah 11:1-2). If we must operate like Christ then we must carry what He carried. The spirit of the fear of the Lord empowers us to walk in integrity and to do or fare well in life. Job 1:1-3 talks about the man Job, who accessed divine secrets that brought about his greatness because of the fear of the Lord. Joseph fulfilled his identity by reason of the fear of the Lord (Genesis 42:18). You may face challenges but in the end things will work out for you. Daniel became better than all of his peers because he purposed in his heart to work in the fear of the Lord (Daniel 1:7).

A lot of people cheat, some even go as far as stealing in the church because they lack the fear of God and to every thief there is a curse.

Psalm 112:1-3 tells us about the type of awesome blessings that the fear of the Lord procures for us, even impacting on our children.  A lot of people who get things through crooked means tend to lose the wealth especially after their departure from earth..


Wisdom is knowing what to do and doing it...knowing what to say and saying it... knowing where to go and going there. The proof of wisdom is in the action.

These are the gifts of the Holy Ghost that help us to become profitable citizens of earth and enjoy several waves of glory (Matthew 13:54) When the wisdom from God is present, mighty works begin to happen because you cannot be truly wise and be poor. Scripture says "the crown of the wise is in their riches...." Solomon who was the wisest in his days was also the richest. Durable riches and honour are with wisdom; if you do not enjoy favour in all areas of your life then check your wisdom level because, "the king's favour is towards a wise servant."

There is however a spiritual dimension (1st Kings 4:29), which brings the kind of wisdom that is superior to intellectual wisdom.  It is neither diabolical wisdom nor common sense but the wisdom that comes from above, which places you above astrologers, just like Daniel (Daniel 5:11). It makes masters out of slaves and when you possess this kind of wisdom there is no weapon of the devil that can touch you. There will be peace in homes and around you because, "...all her paths are paths of peace." We therefore need to covet a growing dimension of this spirit of wisdom and understanding. When this spirit is there, you fo not live with challenges, but over turn mountains.

Therefore, any issue that has stayed for more than a moment requires more wisdom because there is a wisdom solution to every challenge of life. We therefore need to pray for an endowment. With wisdom and understanding, the way out and up of every situation of life is cheaply available because it is a spirit and it is transferable, (Deuteronomy 34:9)  by impartation. With wisdom your steps are directed (wisdom is profitable to direct) and you will never know a better last year.


It is important to know that the Holy Ghost is the Spirit  of vengeance. Luke 4:18 is a repetition of Isaiah 61:1-2.

So the Holy Ghost began the day of vengeance of our God. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of vengeance and we serve a  God of vengeance (Psalm 94:1).

Why Vengeance?

  • (Isaiah 61:2). For the word of God to come to pass in your life. Until that vengeance is executed verses 3 to 7 of that scripture may not come to pass.

So, it is important for you to know that God is a killer. The bible says the Lord kills and make alive, the Lord raises up and brings down.. Know that the Spirit of the Lord is the Spirit of vengeance and Jesus also cursed the fig tree  and at other times. He often used the word "woe", which is a curse or language of vengeance , in his interactions with the Pharisees.

Jesus said "...lo I send you  forth as sheep..." but knowing that if we go as sheep alone wolves will eat us, He said, "...I send you forth as sheep and as serpent..." If you behave like a sheep and they misbehave, show them the other side - your serpent nature .

Now, what does it take to execute vengeance?

There are certain weapons by which we can execute vengeance. They are:

  1. Revelation:

You must be able to see and know your rights to vengeance. You are a child of God, your father is a God of vengeance who said, "...vengeance is mine..." Jesus  taught us to pray vengeance prayer in Luke 18:4-7. So we have a right to execute vengeance: Spirit of God is Spirit of vengeance. You must have that revelation. You must also have a revelation of who you are in Christ. You are an anointed child of God. Every child of God is a branch of the anointed vine, which makes us anointed also. Psalms 105:15, says “Touch not my anointed and do mine  prophets no harm." Anyone who attempts to hurt the anointed, pays dearly for it. Even David recognised this truth when he said, "God forbid that I stretch my hands against the anointed." No one will never be guiltless, having  touched God's anointed, regardless of the justification. Anything done against the anointed will backfire.

Abraham enjoyed God's vengeance when an angel appeared to king Abimelech in the dream an ordered him to return Abraham's wife or die.

  1. The Weapon of Bold Declarations:

The vengeance of God is determined by your declarations. Isaiah 43:2-3 says,  "He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he openeth not His mouth..." But when He opened his mouth and asked, "who are you looking for, all of them went back. So the enemy will continue to have his way until you open your mouth. They will be kicking you like a sheep, but it is the opening of the mouth of the believer that makes him a lion. One distinguishing feature of a lion is the roaring, by which it maintains its territory. If the lion does not roar, all manner of animals and rodents will come near and invade its territory anyhow they like.

Many believers today, rather than boldly declaring what they want they help the enemy to perfect what he has done by declaring the wrong words. They make themselves broadcasters of evil report, using their mouth to reinforce what the enemy has done (1st Samuel 17:44-47, Isaiah 54:17).

Luke 21:15 should remind us of the potency of our open mouths and bold declarations. If one is poor it is because one has a poor mouth. We must open your mouth against poverty, sickness, nightmares, etc. You are too quiet that is why the enemy is oppressing (Psalm 18:44-46)

The Weapon of Your Love for God:

Your love for God culminating in your serving God is a weapon. Ps. 89:21-23 Every true servant of God has the heritage of divine vengeance to be executed by God. God will always react against anyone who stands, speaks or acts against any of His true servants. Those who serve God diligently do not need to fight because will always fight for them.

God had to plague Egypt so as to set Israel free from captivity. If you are  serving God , one benefit you stand to enjoy is that , God will execute vengeance on your behalf and even  the enemies you are not aware of ,God will fight against them.

In conclusion,  the command to serve God is an all seasons and times command. When you stop serving God all of these privileges are withdrawn; you must remain in service of God for the forces of heaven to defend you.

Remain Ever Blessed  !!!  Jesus Is Lord!!!