Pastor Isaac Folaji  - October 7, 2018

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord-2 Corinthians 3:18.

The Holy Ghost, who is the power of God personified is the Spirit of glory . Wherever you see God's power you also find His glory because they are inseparable, just like Siamese twins. If you are born again, you have the Holy Ghost - the Spirit of glory - whose mission, among others, is to eradicate shame and reproach around our lives . The Spirit of the Lord  further advances us from one dimension of glory to another. (Acts 1:8, Psalm 63:1-2, 2 Corinthians 3:18)

The manifestation of the Spirit is given to us for our profiting, according to Ist Corinthians 12:7. The Holy Ghost is not just to make us religious or speak in tongues but also to make us profitable and value-adding citizens on the earth. The manifestations of the Holy Ghost is given to every believer, regardless of title. In simple terms, the Holy Ghost helps us to experience the glory of God.

Any life without the Holy Ghost lacks colour and beauty and Christianity will be a race of frustration. Destiny is doomed without the Holy Ghost. For example, the difference between rural and urban settlements is power and when the power element is taken out of the city, it becomes a village. All the electrical and technological gadgets available in the world today will be useless and valueless without power. In the same way, when the Holy Ghost is removed from the life of any Christian, there is nothing colourful about that life because, according to the Bible, the body is dead without the Spirit. We must therefore appreciate the place of the Holy Ghost in our walk with God.

The Holy Ghost has diversities of operation just like the human body has several parts. There are differences of administration but the same Spirit and there are diversities of gifts but the same Spirit. That is, one Spirit in different operations but the same God working all in all. (1 Corinthians 12:4-6)

Manifestations of the Holy Spirit

  1. The Anointing: The anointing is the power component of the Holy Ghost, it is the one that destroys yokes and pulls down barriers . When we talk about the anointing we are simply talking about the Spirit and power of God upon an individual  and when it comes, shame gives way to fame (Luke 4:15). When the anointing came upon Jesus, even His mockers testified of it because He was glorified above all.

Only fools doubt proofs; when you have the proof of God's power your mockers will be forced to eat the humble pie. In Acts 4:13-21 the apostles appeared timid, and they locked themselves up in one room but when they received the anointing of the Holy Ghost they became bold and great things began to happen through them. The story changed. (Luke 4:18, Isaiah 10:27, Luke 4:14-16)

  1. The Spirit of Obedience: The presence of the Holy Ghost in our lives enables us to obey, not just the convenient commandments, but even the ones that may seem inconvenient and difficult. We must understand that no man can obey God in the energy of the flesh and that is why we need the Holy Ghost to enable us do the will of God. Christianity is tug-of-war without the Holy Ghost as we need power beyond ourselves to do what is right for our own benefit. (Ezekiel 36:27)

The Holy Spirit helps us obey God to the fullest knowing that it is obedience that attracts blessings (Deuteronomy 28:1-13). An obedient person neither looks for nor begs for blessings; they come naturally. Blessings are attracted and magnetized to the obedient that is why we need the Spirit of obedience. Even the Bible says, "Covet earnestly the best gifts."  Simply put, without obedience blessings will be far away.

What others pray about, you just 'obey about' (obey God's instructions concerning it) and the blessings will naturally locate you.

For example, if the instruction is water baptism by immersion, do it, not minding your status. Mind you, every instruction of God is for man's benefit as nothing He asks us to do is for His benefit (Genesis 24:1).

If all round laughter is your desire then all round obedience must be your choice; you do not select what to obey as you cannot serve God on your own terms. You either obey Him fully or it turns to disobedience because partial obedience is disobedience before God.

  1. The Spirit of Meekness: Meekness is a Spirit .The opposite of Meekness is Pride. Pride is one of the dangerous silent killer in life. God will always resist the proud, making sure that they are trapped in the challenges of life. If God stands against someone who can take Him out of the way?

Humans have their own definitions of meekness and pride. Pride is not in how you dress, but rather a state of your heart. Now the state of heart that defines meekness is that of a little child, as Matthew 18:3-4 shows. God's definition of meekness is you becoming childlike in your attitude. Humbling yourself like a child is what brings about greatness, which is neither a product of skill, expertise, connection nor diligence. Moses who was a very meek man became the greatest in the land. Therefore the meeker you are, the greater you become.

A child is easily instructed and corrected and rarely answers back. When you begin to answer back to those placed above you then you have become 'an adult'. Children do not see faults in their leaders; they neither keep malice nor frown at their superiors. These are attributes of pride, which, like the serpent, is a silent killer.

It is pride that makes people to be ungrateful to God, attributing every good thing in their life to their effort. There are no achievers in the kingdom, only receivers. The Bible says there is nothing you have that you have not received, so why should anyone walk in pride?

A child is unconscious of reputation and so praises God, regardless of people watching. Proud people find it difficult to dance to God, even in church. (1 Corinthians 14:20, Matthew 18:3-4, 1 Peter 3:4, James 4:6)

To experience unending laughter, you must always acknowledge God as the one behind your success in life.

COVENANT OF LAUGHTER (Genesis 21:1-6).

A day of laughter is a day when God turns issues of impossibilities and mockery into divine surprises. Laughter is a product of divine visitation, as seen in the case of Sarah. When God visits, captivities are turned, impossible situations become possible and issues of mourning, crying and sorrow are turned to issues of dancing, singing and rejoicing.

Keys to unending Laughter

  1. Be Born Again: Redemption makes you a member of God's family where you have the heritage of laugher. In heaven, there is no sorrow, you only find laughter and it is your new birth that enables you to enjoy that heritage. You are seated together with God in the heavenly places where God laughs (Psalm 2:4). By redemption you are also qualified to laugh financially, even in famine (Job 5:22).
  2. Be baptized and drunken with the Holy Spirit: This enables us subscribe to the covenant demands which bring about laughter. We already know that it is impossible to please God, without the Holy Ghost so, we need His baptism, to enjoy all-round laughter (Zechariah 4:6).
  3. Receive the Word (Genesis 21:1-3): God's word is the pacesetter for laughter because He does not go to places where His word is absent. His word is His messenger that is why you must love, believe and embrace the word. So receive the word and allow it to saturate your thinking. When you have it in your spirit and mind nothing can steal it from you. The moment you start putting faith in God's word to work, you start manifesting what is in your heart.
  4. Be dedicated to bringing harvest of souls into the kingdom: You cannot be sowing the seeds of joy and not experience joy. Laughter is a product of joy. (Luke 15:7, Luke 10:17-19).
  5. Embrace the covenant: To connect to unending financial laughter, we must take covenant steps so as to turn our invisible wealth to visible. To tap into heaven’s financial resources, you need a point of contact in the physical that is where giving comes in. If you are not a giver of material things you cannot connect heaven’s supplies. Consider the story of Jacob: He was poor, working for a wicked employer who reduced his wages yearly. When he covenanted to give ten percent of all God's blessings in his life back to God, things began to work in his favour. In response to that vow, God gave him ideas that transferred the wealth of Laban to him and he became richer. Until a seed is put in the ground it remains a seed. If you want your financial laughter to keep flowing you must subscribe to the covenant of giving.
  6. Receive the oil of joy by the anointing: The anointing oil is the oil of gladness (Psalm 45:7)

In conclusion,  as you continue to take pleasure in the matters of the kingdom, God will continue to rain His favour upon your life and family in Jesus Name. Your laughter  begins today and will never end .

Remain Ever Blessed  !!! Jesus Is Lord !!!