ON  THE  WAY  TO  OUR  PROMISED LAND Part 2 Pst Isaac Folaji

 ( Miracle Job Banquet)

 “And Joseph said unto his brethren, I die: and God will surely visit you, and bring you out of this land unto the land which he sware to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob”- Genesis 50:24

God visited His people in Egypt in order to bring them out of bondage. Every redeemed child of God is qualified for this order of visitation.  (Genesis 50:24). He brought them out of Egypt, not to leave them in transit but to take them into the Promised Land. Joseph, speaking by the Spirit said, "and God shall surely visit you…” The product of that visitation is that God took them to a land which He had sworn to their fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

What kind of land are we referring to?

This  land is our promise land, a land of peace and abundance, and we can only enter this land by the hand of God .Our arrival in this promise land is a product divine visitation. (Exodus 3:7-10, Deuteronomy 8:7-10).

When a person is in Egypt, he is under the oppression of a taskmaster The time of divine visitation is a time of revival, a time when God changes the status of men for the better, but we need wisdom to recognise the visitation of God. Wisdom is being sensitive to the times and seasons of life, among others. Jacob said, "the Lord is in this place and I knew it not." Wisdom makes us aware of the spiritual climate in which we are in and when you are sensitive and awake in the knowledge of a season, the blessings of that season will answer for you. It is time to come awake spiritually, time to be among the leading players and not a spectator.

What is the time of revival all about?

We are in a season of revival, which is ordained to change our position for the better (Zephaniah 2:7). A time of divine visitation is a time when God turns every issue of struggle to issues of celebration. Neither God nor the devil is to blame if anyone remains a struggler in this season of revival/visitation.  (Zephaniah 3:17-20) 

To enjoy the blessings of the season you have to be determined because the season of revival is a season of beautification. Revival gives you a new name. Jesus Christ has a name that is above every other name and we as believers are joint heirs with Christ which means we also bear great names.

Proofs  of  a Revival

  1. When one's heart continues to pant after God- Psalm 42:1-2.
  2. When seeking the advancement of God’s kingdom becomes a priority (Psalm 34:10, Matthew 6:33).
  3. When walking in the fear of the Lord becomes a delight .                    (Psalm 112:1). To fear God means to be excited at every instruction of God.

What is in a Revival

  1. Every revival is a spiritual launch pad to our promise land (Habakkuk 3:2). The work of God becomes your delight and as you embrace His works and engage in them, your reward will surely come. It may not happen immediately but, refuse to give up or give in to your situation, or prevailing circumstances. In Habakkuk 3:17-18, we see an example of how to behave when things seem not to be working. Revival launches you to that promised land where every need         of life is met (Psalm 34:10).

2.Every revival comes with a renewed commitment to serve God and the interest of His kingdom. This is your access to that promised land (Exodus 4:22-23), and until you are ready to serve God, your stay in Egypt may continue.

3.Supernatural restoration of the redemptive dignity of the believer and eradication of shame and reproach (Joel 2: 26-27).

One of the ways God takes away shame is to ensure that His people do not lack, by prospering the works of our hand (Psalm 1:3). The Bible tells us in  1 Timothy 5:8 that anyone who does not provide for his own house, is worse than an infidel, an unbeliever. God knows that we are not infidels, that is why He wants us to have our own work.


This banquet is not limited to those looking for gainful employment. It is also for those who have goods packed up in their shops with nobody to buy. It is for those who have skills but are not hired by people who need their services, and for people who have jobs, but desire better ones.

Keys to Securing Miracle Jobs

  1. Knowledge: Some are jobless not because there are no jobs, but because they lack the right kind of knowledge and mentality. You must first realize that there is work available for you (Isaiah 5:9).
  2. Awareness: Your eyes have to be open to see the provisions of God for you. The things you need are around you and there is a pot of oil in your house, all you need is to utilize it. Haggai continued to die of thirst, unaware of a well around her, until God opened her eyes to see it (Genesis 21:19). There is something in your hand, house, body, that you can use to make life easy.
  3. Availability: When looking for something you like start with what is available (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10). Do not sleep from morning till night with the excuse that there is nothing to do. Time is a convertible asset, volunteer your time for service; you may not have the money to start but you have time. Volunteer your time to serve someone and in the course of that, favour will locate you. God's favour does not see idle people. The bible says, goodness and mercy shall follow you, but you have to be busy doing something because the favour of God only locates people who are on the move. You may have to start for free. Joseph had to interpret dreams in the prison for free but it was that interpretation that took him to the palace. Do not be idle: start providing services and meeting people's needs and make yourself available. There are no dirty or small jobs; there are only small and dirty men. Inside every job there is fortune; the bible says, whatsoever your hand findeth to do, do it well, then the favour and blessing of God will rest upon it.
  4. Gratitude: Be grateful for where you are, even if all you have for now is your certificate. Do not complain because complaining and murmuring complicate matters (Numbers 11:1). Even when what you have to start with is not sufficient, do not complain because you are still in transit. Your current position is a ladder to the height God is taking you but when you complain, that transit can be your permanent abode. Murmuring and complaining always ground people. You complain because you do not see what God is doing. In that same place where you are, sing and celebrate God and He will come down to show you what you must do.

Although things may not be working right now, refuse to be a victim of murmuring and complaining. The worst time to complain is when things are not working, it is rather the best time to rejoice (Habakkuk 3:15-19).

  1. Kingdom Stewardship: Favour the kingdom of God and He will in turn favour you. Favour is the key to securing miracle Jobs. God is the one who knows where the jobs, customers and clients are and He is the only one that can turn the hearts of men to your direction. He can only be moved to favour you when you favour His kingdom (Psalm 102:13-15).


  • Beginning from this month you will shine, you will no longer be lost in the crowd.
  • Every appearance of Egypt, concerning your job is ending this month?
  • Every issue of sorrow in your life is turned to issues of celebration.
  • You will not beg before eating, in Jesus’ Name.
  • You will not just have what to eat, you will eat in plenty and be an agent of feeding others.
  • Wherever you have been rejected, in this season of revival, they will send for you and apologize to you.
  • Whatever represents shame in your life, is destroyed
  • For everyone seeking gainful employment, this is your week of opportunity. From the four corners of the earth they will send for you to engage you
  • Your waiting to be employed is finally over this week.
  • Every Egypt of unemployment is declared over this week, in Jesus’ Name.
  • The heaven over contractors is declared open today, in Jesus’ Name.