In Genesis 41:39 "Pharaoh said unto Joseph, Forasmuch as God hath shewed thee all this, there is none so discreet and wise as thou art..."

You cannot be wise and remain on the floor. You may be born low but with wisdom you do not remain low. So, if things are not working, you neither blame God, Satan nor the economy. You query your wisdom level. The Bible says by wisdom kings reign  and we must know that wisdom enthrones. You cannot be truly wise and not rise. Joseph the wise was in slavery, but by reason of wisdom he left the place of imprisonment to the greatness of the palace.

Wise people do not beg for things, but are asked to take the things that others beg for .Without begging or lobbying, Joseph was enthroned.  Stop struggling or begging, pursue divine wisdom and your enthronement will come.


On the Way to Our Promise Land.”

There is a land that God promised his people, where we eat bread without scarcity and experience heaven on earth. Redemption is the launching pad to that promise land. 2nd Peter 1:3 says "....according as His divine power has given to us things that pertain to life and godliness". All things that make life comfortable are given to us by God, who has called us out of darkness into his marvellous light, out of death into his glory and virtue.

How to get to the Promise Land

  1. Through the knowledge of Him... So many things have been packaged for us by redemption but our knowledge, revelation, insight into what has been provided and what we do with that knowledge is what grants us access to that promised land. That is why, in Matthew 7:24-25, God says "Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

So, we get to the promise land by simply operating in divine wisdom.

What is Wisdom?

  • Wisdom is simply the application of the truth we hear. Applying the truth of God's word is building a sure future. Our future is secured when we base our life on the wisdom of God, on doing what God By that, we get to our promise land, no matter the conspiracy of wicked people.


  • It can also be defined as scriptural thinking; thinking and talking in line with the word of God. Wisdom is ACTING the word and living our lives in accordance to the dictates of the Bible.

2.Practice the Word and Focus on your Destination

As long as you practice the word, forget about where you are at the moment. You will surely get there if you just keep your mind focused on that promised land. Your current location is only a passage to where you are going. So,  let your mind dwell on your destination not your position.

When you walk through the valleys of the shadow of death, do not put your mind on the valley, rather, put it on the goodness and the mercies that follow you by reason of your consistent application of the truth.

Joseph was a slave lad in the prison but the wisdom of God dictated that he must line up his mind, words and actions to the palace that He was taking Him to. His body was that of a slave but his mind was somewhere else.

You experience depression when your mind dwells on your current position. Hebrews 12:2 gives a perfect instance of how Jesus, for the joy that was set ahead of Him despised the shame and went to the cross.

Road construction is another vivid illustration of how God works with the wise and obedient. When a road is being constructed, everything is disorganized and people complain but when the road is completed, the whole site  becomes smooth. Somebody may be under God's construction right now but,  in a short while, God will finish with you and your decorated and colourful state will emerge for all to see.


Another great requirement which will make God take us to that Promise Land as He did for Israel is SERVICE. We must make up our minds to serve God extremely and excessively to the point where it becomes a concern to the devil.

God vowed to take Israel to that land on the platform of their readiness to serve Him. They were in captivity but they made up their minds that they were going to serve Him and so, he too moved His mind towards them and vowed to bring them out of the land of captivity into the Promised Land. Satan did everything to keep them in the land of bondage, to the point that he began negotiating their salvation with Moses who was sent by God to lead them out (Exodus 8:28). But you must note that God's readiness to defend them (slay the first sons of the Egyptians) was on the basis of their readiness to serve Him. The devil wants us to engage in regimented service to God and that is why many believers are still under the custody of Pharaoh and Egypt. They want the promised land but they are not ready to go far with God. The more willing you are to go far with God, the farther you are from Egypt.

A wise person is sensitive to the seasons in which we are in; a wise farmer is sensitive to the season before planting. There is time to plant your main seed; you do not plant in a wrong season, just because you have a seed. If you plant in the dry season, that seed will dry up. In the same way, we are in a particular season in the body of Christ and as a commission. We are in a revival and you must understand this season and what it demands.

What is a Revival?

  • A revival is a move of the Spirit of God that stirs the spirit and or hearts of men to commit to kingdom advancement endeavours. Haggai 1:5-14 tells us clearly how God reacts to those who abandon kingdom service and advancement. At one point He says He even put 'holes' in their savings and deprives them of satisfaction. That scripture shows a picture of people who labour much more than the results they get. That is a clear picture of frustration. In verse eight He said, go up to the mountain; bring wood; build me a house that I will take pleasure in and be glorified...In other words do the things that get me excited….those are the things that will terminate the struggles. Get involved in my house.


  • A revival is a move of the Spirit ordained to terminate all frustrations and afflictions of God’s people Zephaniah 3:17-20 says, "Behold at that time (the time of revival, a time when people’s hearts are seeking after God), the Lord thy God will be in their midst, He will save, He will rejoice over them with singing. I will undo all that afflict you.”


A revival is on;

  1. When the word of God continues to come alive in one’s heart in increasing dimensions. We are part of a revival when the word of God is not like stories to It becomes real and we are moved by it, having understanding. When a man is not being touched by God’s word it means the man is dead. The word of God comes alive in the heart of everyone in a revival (Jeremiah 31:34, Acts 19:20).
  2. When one continues to experience the manifestations of the spirit of prayer and supplications. The proof of revival is present when the spirit of prayer is upon our life. You are in a revival when you love to pray and attend prayer meetings. When the Spirit of prayer and supplication is available you will be able to pray outside church services. Prayer is the cure to fainting and one is either praying or fainting (Luke 18:1).
  3. When going to church becomes a way of life (Psalms 84:1-7) and a day out of church is like one year to you.

What is in a Revival for You?

  1. Financial fortune is unleashed in a season of revival. In Psalm 35:27, they prayed, not for self but to favour God and His cause, and He prospered them. God is excited when His servants prosper and He will only prosper you when you serve When revival broke out in Acts 2, the bible says “…they were possessors of land”. The revived church is not a beggarly church but a prosperous one. Many people’s challenge is money, but the fastest way to get money is to get at God, just as the Bible teaches in Psalm 34:10. Being in a revival, reaching out to souls, serving God with your time and energy, praying for others, is simply telling God that you are ready to be enlisted among the beneficiaries of the financial fortune He is unleashing.

God is no respecter of persons. It is not enough to come to church and hear the word. What are we doing with the word? The bible says “...your father who sees in the secret will reward you in the open."

We need to serve God even with our money, when Satan (Pharaoh) was negotiating with the Isrealites he said, you can go but not with your substance. Those who will partake of God’s financial fortune in a revival are those who serve God with their substance, spending to bring converts to church. What you do with what you have right now will determine what you will have later on.

A lot of poor people are looking for rich people to beg from. You do not beg rich people to gain access to their money. God is the wealthiest of all and when you serve Him, He turns the hearts of men to give to you in return. Christianity is a faith of responsibility and we must accept responsibility in order to enjoy the benefits thereof. Begging is ungodly; you do not beg God to get things from Him, you rather serve Him to get His blessings.

  1. Divine health is the lot of every believer who engages in the season of revival. You enjoy a sickness-free life as in Exodus 23:25 and Proverbs 13:17. Divine health is not affordable with money except by dedicated service to God and His Kingdom.


  1. Clean-up and continue to do so Isaiah 52:11, John 8:22
  2. Continue to bring your new converts and invitees to church, to meet with Christ.


One of the benefits of serving God in a revival is that the servant enjoys Open doors-1 Corinthians 16:9, Job 36:11.

What is Open Door?

Open door means unhindered access to the good things of life. - 1 Corinthians 16:9,Job 36:11.

What does it take to enjoy Open Doors ?

  1. Be born again: Ephesians 5:8.
  2. Secure divine presence: Divine presence is the master key to every closed door in life- Psalm 114:1-7, Psalm 24:7.
  3. We must grow in our love for God- Ephesians 3:19.
  4. We must continue to grow in faith-2 Corinthians 4:13.
  5. We must continue to serve God and the interest of the kingdom if doors must be opened to us- Matthew 6:33.

In conclusion,  When God is with you, no door can be shut against you. Everyone  mocking you today,  before October 7, 2018, will turn around to celebrate  you.

Remain Ever Blessed !!! Jesus Is Lord !!!!