MAXIMIZING THE BLESSEDNESS OF PRAYER AND FASTING Part 3  by Pst Isaac Folaji 21/1/2018                                                      

Prayer and fasting, like every other command of God carry amazing blessings and profit (Isaiah 58:6-14)

When we engage diligently in fasting we will not be victims of oppression and no burden of life will weigh us down. Rather, we enjoy liberty and breakthrough.

Those who subscribe to the demands of fasting will not sell off their birthright or enviable, prosperous, breakthrough heritage of riding upon the high places of the earth, to food. Therefore, we must engage to the end, bearing in mind that the reward is for those who will endure to the end.

We must accept the responsibility of fasting and confront whatever wants to keep us in obscurity because no barrier, opposition, resistance can withstand the combined force of  faith, prayer and fasting


"This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting..." There are so many kinds of barriers that will remain until we fast and pray. For example, this commission rides upon the high places of the earth. You belong to a pacesetting, frontline church that cannot be relegated. You cannot afford to remain behind.

Everybody wants be on top financially, spiritually but quite a number of people do not want to go through the rigours of fasting.  If you want to be at the top, do what He says. Deuteronomy 28:1 advices us to hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord our God, not minding whether people like it or not (Mark 1:35-37) .


For fasting to deliver maximally, we must approach it the right way. But, one may ask, what is the right way?


Putting God first in our fasting engagement, makes it more profitable for us and qualifies our prayers for answers. You cannot put God first and come last.

We must understand that prayer provides a platform for the rising of a one-man winning army. In Ezekiel 22:30, the Lord said, " I sought for a man..." Men like Moses, Elijah, Abraham (Genesis 18:1-20) Anyone can win the battle of life on the prayer altar, alone (Jabez, 1st Chronicles 4:9-20; Hezekiah, Isaiah 8:1-5). A lot, if nit all of these men took their destinies in their own hands by putting God first.

2 PUT GOD IN REMEMBRANCE OF HIS WILL AND WORD (Isaiah 43:26). God's word is his language. Any time we come to God on the prayer altar we must come with the word because anything we speak outside of his word may not be heard or understood (1st John 5:14-15).

3 PRAY FOR THE WELLBEING OF OTHERS (Ephesians 6:8). Praying for the needs of others is a great platform for meeting our own needs. In Job 42:10, God turned Job's captivity and restored double if all he lost, after Job prayed for his friends.

When you pray for yourself you get one but when you pray for others, you get double. Focusing on self in prayer is applying for less.


1 Divine Guidance (Isaiah 58:11). Fasting secure divine presence, which brings God's guidance. Lack and want automatically disappear when a man is divinely led. Psalms 23:1 says, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want"

2 Supernatural Health. When in Isaiah 58:8, the bible says our health shall spring forth speedily, it means that forces holding down our health are destroyed on the altar of fasting. Though you may lose physical weight, you gain weight spiritually.

3 Deliverance. When we engage in fasting and prayers, we enjoy deliverance from all unwanted habits, addictions and sins that easily beset us. (Isaiah 58:6).

4 Answers To Prayers Isaiah 58:9). All barriers to answered prayers are flushed out when we fast (Luke 11:21-22)