“For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich”- 2 Corinthians 8:9.
According to scripture, Prosperity is the will of God for all His children. When you seek God's interest and the advancement of His kingdom first, you are empowered to walk in financial fortune. God wants to bless you so that you can be a blessing and also to promote His Kingdom. You must identify God’s interest in prospering people and align with it because the silver and the gold of this world belong to Him. (Matthew 6:33)
God is looking for Kingdom trustees, kingdom treasurers, men and women who believe they are just caretakers of whatever comes into their hand (Psalm 24:1). A man can receive nothing except it is given him from above so if God has to give more, He has to make sure it is entrusted to the right hands. Luke 16:12 teaches us that to get our own, we must be faithful in another man's own.
Christianity is a profession and in every profession, there are qualifying tests For example in professions like medicine or law you have to pass some tests before you become qualified. In the same way, we have to be qualified for God to channel His resources to us. Furthermore, His blessings encompass all areas of life. One may be rich in money and still be rich in sickness, depression, fear and all manner of trouble. Remember, God says He will bless you and protect the blessing by cursing anyone who attempts to curse you. But, you can only arrive at that point, when you pass the qualifying test. That is God's covenant.
The covenant is an agreement between God, the covenanter, and man, the covenantee, the beneficiary. In this covenant all we have belongs to God, and all He has belongs to us. Some believers claim to be in covenant with God, but are not interested in the things that concerns Him.
God wants to prosper you if you will obey the terms of the covenant and serve God, you will spend your days in prosperity because He will channel everything to you and bring you to the realm of the overflow. The covenant makes us one with God but we must pass the trust test for true riches to be committed to us. (Job 36:11)
Part of the test could be seizing opportunities to build in the Kingdom, without waiting to be told or asked. God opens our eyes to see opportunities which are like paying bills on His behalf and He continually tests us to prove us worthy of His trust. Many still struggle with finances today because they have not passed the test and God is not obligated to change. The opportunity could be something in your home cell that you can fix, instead of running to the pastor or the church. Start somewhere, at your own level, even if you may not have the capacity to handle a big issue. God sees you meeting that need and says to Himself, "yes, I can trust this one."
God will never empower the opposition. So, if you stand as an opposition to the expansion of His kingdom, He will block money from coming to you but if you are interested in promoting His interests, He fights those who want to block you. (Haggai 1:5-13, 1st Chronicles 29: 3-9). Apart from your Tithe and Worship offerings, you must have a monthly budget for kingdom advancement projects at your level. It could be a budget to support the transportation of members or support the production of flyers, so long as it is advancing the course of the Kingdom. You are not doing it because the church needs it but because God is giving us an opportunity to be blessed, bearing in mind that The Almighty really needs nothing from us . Some people in church can serve God with anything but not with their money and the money you cannot give, you will worship.(Psalm 50:10-12)
We serve a God of restoration (Jeremiah 30:17).To restore means to return to the original state, condition; or standard; to recover what has been stolen.
God created man to live in abundance and sound health and if you are not enjoying these; it means somebody has stolen it. Somebody lost his job since 1997, and for twenty years nothing was working. God visited him and he was recalled and all the salaries and allowances for twenty years were given to him.
So, whatever you have lost notwithstanding, God will restore.
 .Be Born Again
Redemption is the number one step to restoration. Everyone who is born again has the right to enjoy restoration according to the order of Abraham, according to Genesis 20:3-4, 17.The same way God warned Abimelech on Abraham's behalf is the same way He protects whatever belongs to a seed of Abraham. (Galatians 3:29).
 You must return fully to God: Every part of your life must be fully committed; there are no half measures when it comes to commitment to God. One's problem may be compounded if for instance, one lives a life of using the anointing oil in the morning and seeing a professional prophet at night. Until the prodigal son returned to his father’s house, he was a victim of shame, eating with pigs. So, be fully committed to Jesus, casting away all evil habits (Malachi 3:7, Joel 2:25).
 . Knowledge You may not know what is missing if you do not know what belongs to you. . When you Iack knowledge, satan will take advantage of your ignorance. For instance, if you are born again the Bible says, you are a joint-heir with Christ and this means you have right to power, right to riches, right to strength, right to honor, right to glory and right to blessings. When you are not enjoying all these things, then you must put up a fight for what belongs to You in redemption. Ensure you go for the knowledge of the truth that will reveal what belongs to You, what is your right in Christ and when you know what is missing, then you can go full force to recover it. That is why it’s important to buy spiritual books and read them.(Isaiah 5:13-14, 42:18-22)

 . Believe God for Restoration : There's no hopeless case with God. When God restores he does so with interest. A good example is Job. Never allow yourself to arrive at a point of hopelessness.

 Serve God: Serve God with all your strength energy and resources, and He will change your story. You can also serve God by praying for others (2 Chronicles 15:3-12,Job 42:10, Colossians 4:12)

 Be planted in the house of God: You grow in strength when you appear in Zion and with that strength, you can confront your adversary. When you fail to come to church regularly, you lose your spiritual strength and hence lose the battles of life(Psalm 84:7,Obadiah 1:17, Luke 11:21-22)

 . Connect to your Prophet :Prophets are agents of restoration Isreal was suffering shame and servitude until Moses came to restore them. (Hosea 12:13, Isaiah 42:22, 2 Kings 6:5-7)