For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD; because they called thee an Outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after”- Jeremiah 30:17.

God has vowed to restore health to us and give us victory over barrenness. Jesus Christ is not just our saviour from sin, He is everything that makes life comfortable for the believer. In Luke  4:18 He declared His manifesto; to preach the gospel to the poor, heal the broken hearted, set the oppressed free and heal the sick. The more you know about any aspect of Christ, the more He reveals to you.

Jesus came to offer us life at its best, without sickness. He came that we would no longer be broken, to offer us wholeness in spirit, soul and body. He came to give us a life of no concern, mockery nor shame. No wonder He introduced himself as the Great Physician who takes total care of man. The same price paid for the salvation of our souls is the same for our total health (Matthew 4:23). He is the same today, tomorrow and forever, who gave His disciples the authority to heal all manner of diseases and sicknesses (Luke 9:1). Jesus and His word are one and so, He works by His word as Matthew 8:16 illustrates. His prescriptions are penned down in His word and one of such is the use of His name.

The Name of Jesus is not to be used as an interjection or a comma when we pray. That Name  commands healing wonders and is full of spiritual powers that can terminate every affliction. Isaiah 9:6 says Jesus shall be called Wonderful, and through scripture you clearly see that the Name is wonderful. In Acts 9, Saul's eyes opened after Ananias told him that Jesus Christ makes him whole. So, it is by that name that we are made whole (Act 4:9-10).

Philippians 2:9-11 gives a very clear picture of the magnitude of power that the name of Jesus carries... "Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name.

Every sickness has a name - impotence, diabetes, infertility, fibroid, cancer, HIV - and they all bow to the name of Jesus. Also the Bible tells us that the name of Jesus is a stone (Acts 4:9-12) and with it you can strike any goliath of the opposition, just like David did.

How Do We Use The Name of Jesus Christ?

However, for the Name to produce results for us, we must call it in faith, as written in Acts 4.

Build up your faith in the name like Peter who said to the lame man, "such as I have I release unto you and in the name of Jesus, rise up and walk" The name of Jesus is a gift of God and you must see it as a potent instrument of victory. The Bible refers to the name of Jesus as a strong tower that the righteous run into for safety.

Always call the name of Jesus Christ with faith in anything and anywhere (Colossians 3:17), to confront oppositions, subdue contenders and cast out devils.


Barrenness is not only limited to childlessness as in Genesis 11:30. It is also lack of results - not having something to show for your efforts or laboring in vain (2 kings 2).

Fruitfulness covers beyond the body (Deuteronomy 28:4) as none of our social, financial or spiritual pursuits is permitted to be barren.

Barrenness is an enemy and is one of the symptoms of curses, which Christ has redeemed us from (Colossians 2:14). Barrenness is illegal and contrary to God’s plan for your life and behind every barrenness is Satan. However, as a child of God you are seated in heavenly places, far above principalities and powers, far above dryness and fruitlessness.


  • . Redemption: When you are born again, you become a seed of Abraham (Deuteronomy 7:14), whose case is already settled for fruitfulness. The covenant of fruitfulness goes beyond you to even your cattle - which connotes your belongings. It is our right to be fruitful because we have an heritage of fruitfulness in Christ. john 15:1 says The Father is the husband man, Jesus the vine and us, believers, the branches. Now, if the vine whose physical existence on earth ended over two thousand years ago still produces fruits it means that the branches cannot be barren.
  • . Walk in Faith: It takes faith to receive any blessing and enjoy your inheritance from God. Romans 4:20 reminds us of how resolute Abraham was in faith, believing that God's promises would be fulfilled, despite opposing circumstances. God's promise mixed with Abraham's faith overrode dead sperm and dead eggs, to produce Isaac! This kind of faith has no alternative to God...this kind of faith says if God will not do it, let it remain undone...this kind of faith shows itself by working towards the promise or believe.

Faith moves us by God's word, not by sight so, reject that report...reject negative signals from your body and cling to the word of God, in faith.

  • . Commit to Serving God: Service to God and the interest of His Kingdom terminates barrenness (Exodus 23:25-26). He said, "you shall serve...and I shall bless with fruitfulness" The Shunamite woman, served God, by serving His anointed - providing accommodation, food and furniture. As a result, God, through His agent the prophet, became interested in the woman's situation and barrenness was terminated. You can serve God by praying for the needs of others and hunting for souls, just like a certain family did. They stopped asking God for children and concentrated on soul-winning and then, God destroyed the yoke of childlessness in their home. So, we have our own responsibilities when it comes to serving God. We must keep at it, regardless of current results because sometimes, our cloud needs to be full before our rain of blessings can fall.
  • Refuse to abhor hatred: If, as a woman, your inlaws and others have mocked and called you unsavoury names, let them go, from your heart. In Genesis 29:31 when God saw that Leah was hated, he opened her womb. You erroneously empower your haters by hating them. Reject unforgiving spirit...reject bitterness, because all it brings is anger, depression and barrenness.
  • . Refuse to be a Mocker: Do not mock the anointing nor the move of God because it attracts barrenness. Michal mocked David the anointed as he praised God in 2nd Samuel 6:20-23 and consequently died without a child. Hers was the only case of perpetual barrenness recorded in the Bible. So avoid mocking anything that has to do with God because it is dangerous. Do not even be found among those who mock (Psalm 1:1-2).
  • Be joyful: Joel 1:12, Psalm 67:5-7.

Remain Ever Blessed !!! Jesus Is Lord !!!