September 2, 2018

“ The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me

 Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered”- Jeremiah 8:20-22.

According to the above scripture,  God is hurt when we are hurt and pained when we are in pain. Only a wizard or witch rejoices over the pain of His children. God does not lack the capacity to take care of the twenty-first century health challenges of his children. He says,, "I am the Lord that healeth thee." (Exodus 15:26) - perfect present continuous tense - I am the Lord who  accepts full responsibility of the health care needs of my people.

One strange thing with the Great Physician is that He does not need time to do His work. He can raise the dead in a micro-second and if He can do that, how can He not root out cancer or heal headaches? How can He not destroy HIV?  He is called GREAT because He is the only Physician that can admit the dead into His hospital.

Just like every other Physician, the Great Physician has prescriptions and His fundamental prescription is His WORD. The word of God is the Balm in Gilead that brings health and cure to every concern (Proverb 4:20-22). While Jesus was on earth, He showed us several examples, including the one in Matthew 8:8-13.

The word works, based on your belief and it can travel any distance. That is why we call it the healing balm. Every child of God belongs to a kingdom where there is no sickness because, even hereditary diseases have no place in our body. 2nd Corinthians 5: 17-18 says we are new creatures in Christ and so the old things that passed away include possible anomalies in health. Also, since all things are of God, your health should reflect likeness to God. As a result, you cannot be sick as God cannot be sick, and because of the Jesus genotype in you which cannot accommodate sickness.

What is in the Word of God that Brings Healing?

1) The word is Medicinal: The word of God has medicinal properties and brings healing to the body.  The word has unlimited capacity to heal all manner of sickness and disease(Proverbs 4:20-22, Psalm 107:20)

2)The word is  Surgical: Hebrews 4:12 says the word of God is quick and powerful. It  can carry out invisible surgical operation,  penetrating areas of the human anatomy where doctors cannot reach, even to the dividing of spirit and soul. In Genesis 1:17, we see how God carried out the first surgical operation on Adam, to make Eve. God and his word are one and whatever God can do, his word can do. We have also seen and heard testimonies in our time, of God carrying out such surgery on humans. If your situation is not curable, it must be repairable The master surgeon repairs damaged part of our body surgically.

3)The word of God is Creative: (Genesis 11-31). God's word has the capacity to create and replace damaged parts, tissues or organs. God created everything just by his word and he will never do anything until it is spoken. The Bible says the Lord was working with them, confirming his word. If you do not speak the creative word, God will not create anything. He says you shall have what you say. that is why you must say them, to create them. Your all round healing needs has solution in Jesus, the great physician .The price for your total health has been fully paid.

4) The Word of God is Prophetic. Ezekiel 37:1-14 shows us that the word has the capacity to restore life, even to dead and dry situations. God commanded Ezekiel to prophesy: speak his word unto bones so they could put on flesh. The word of God carries the capacity to call things that are not, to come to being.

In conclusion,  as you keep serving the interest of God’s kingdom,  every affliction of sickness and disease in your system comes to an end today. Every form of marital captivity is declared over today. Remain Ever Blessed ! Jesus Is Lord  !


God, who is the author of marriage, wants to make everyone martially happy and fulfilled. Marriage is good and because God is interested, Satan will never fold his hands to watch. That is why the marriage institution faces ever-increasing attack and frustrations. The church must arise to shine the light of God's word, so as to stem the harassment from the enemy. 1st  Corinthians 16:9 says "A great and an effectual door has been opened to me, but there are many adversaries."  The enemy is against marriage because it is good and honourable.


The master key to unlimited marital breakthrough and fulfilment is humility. The lack of it is called pride, which makes hell out of what God has ordained to be heavenly. It was pride that turned angel Lucifer to Satan the devil, who was cast down, when God identified it in him. Let us look at the biblical definition of humility through the account of Ahab in 1st King 21:27-29. Ahab demonstrated humility by beginning to tread softly after he heard the voice of God and changed his ways. Humility is therefore defined as responding positively to God's instructions. God resists the proud, and so he will be against their marital peace and honour, no matter their title, age, name or how pious they are (James 4:6).  God gives ability, discretion, wisdom and what it takes to experience greatness in marriage, to the humble. What more, pride erases grace and hinders prayer and fasting (Proverbs 16:5, Psalm 147:6).

Humility also helps you relate better with your spouse, and this will in turn, have a positive effect on your relationship with God. The way you treat your spouse determines the way God blesses you (1st Peter 3:7-9).

In marriage, both man and woman are help to each other. The phrase 'help meet' means "surrounding with help" You must surround and supply your spouse with help emotionally, physically and financially, and it takes humility to achieve that.

Another part of humility is meekness, which means, 'strength under control. It requires meekness for a richer wife to submit to her husband. In Matthew 18:1-4, God emphasizes the importance of lowering oneself like a child. A woman that challenges her husband in a conversation has lost the childlike virtue.

There is no end to the joy and peace of the meek. They will always experience increase because they maintain a learner's attitude. Every marriage has the capability of becoming good, better and best but it is meekness that reminds you that you have not arrived at the finishing line, even if you have made a huge progress.

Pride brings about strife, argument, quarrel and unwillingness to say 'sorry'. The Word of God says, a proud heart brings strife and Proverbs 13:10 reminds us that   contentions come by pride.


The second key is service to God and to serve him, you have to love him. Romans 8:28 tells us that  everything - including marriage - work together for good to those who love God. Although loving God is a major commandment, according to Matthew 22:36, the question is, what is the proof of my love? God’s primary way of showing love is rooted In John 21:15-17, where Jesus told Peter to feed His flock, as a demonstration of love for Him. Maintaining a high interest in souls is the purpose and core of Christianity and God redeemed us so we can be a part of saving others (2nd Corinthians.5:17-21). You must be interested in bringing those lost souls into God's house. Share your testimonies with, and invite them to the God of light. If you change yourself first, by the way you relate with God, there will be little need for you to change your spouse because God will be moved to transform them (Ps.34:10).

Luke 22:35 Jesus teaches us that we lack nothing when we are on the go for Jesus.  You cannot be a victim of the powers of darkness, when you bring others out of it because the husbandman that labours shall be the first partaker. Remember, everybody's heart is in God's hands and for him to turn a person’s heart in your favour, you must touch Him.



As a child of God,  it is your right to be married., but you need the light of God's word to possess your posession.

Emotional Maturity: Develop emotionally because you do not find happiness in marriage rather, you bring happiness to it.  A lot of people still think that marriage is a magic wand that brings solutions to all their problems. No! You are not looking for someone to dump your emotional problems on. you develop to a point where you can handle those issues yourself.

Financial Maturity: You must learn how to put your finances together through budgeting. How do you make money? So many people only know how to spend it. If, for example, you still collect recharge card money from your parents, you are not ready for marriage because it is for men and women, not boys and girls. Make sure you are not in debt, you do not spend what you do not have and you do not spend in advance.

Maturity is not a gift of the Spirit, it is you exercising yourself in the knowledge you have acquired. Until you grow up the bible says you will be under tutors and that which belongs to you will not be given to  you.

Love for God 🙁Romans 8:28): Our love for God makes our faith to deliver and it takes faith in God to dislodge oppositions to the fulfilment of our destiny. According to Ephesians 6:16, faith has the capacity to quench all fiery darts, no matter the name or device because light will always be master to darkness.

Though faith in God is crucial, it is our love for God that makes it produce because it works by love (Galatians 5:6). Faith depends on the word, therefore we are to use the word as a weapon of attack  against the enemy who may be representing us with a filthy garment (Zechariah 3:1-5)

Faith is never quiet, it speaks the word and plan of God so, if you want a cure to delayed marriage, stop making negative confessions (Numbers 14:28). Confess new things that you desire to see. Imagine, think and speak your desires in line with God's word, not your experience.

Meekness: Your response to God’s word matters,  take it serious.

Continually sow seeds of honour: Honour God, honour your parents both biological and spiritual, honour your priest and keep honouring the Marriage institution.

Connect to mentors:  Mentors  are people that guide us.