II Timothy 3: 14 – 16

Spiritual education is the security of any intellectual education. Scriptural instructions are for our divine decoration, profiting, sophistication, and beautification.

God does not give us instructions or commandments for His benefit, or to punish us;   His instructions are meant to polish us. Every scriptural command is valid for all times and applicable to whosoever is interested.

When we receive the truth of the scriptures and apply them in our lives, the profiting will continue as long as we continue engaging in that truth.  When you stop engaging the truth that you know, it stops delivering its products.

Revelation comes with attendant responsibilities. If we receive the truth in church, practice it and continue applying it, it will certainly deliver its blessings.

It is not enough to hear the word and practice it once but you have to keep doing it until you arrive above the nations of the earth. We serve a limitless God; it is man that determines where he stops. Wherever your obedience stops, that is where the blessings stop. Deuteronomy 28: 10 -12.

The blessings of obedience targets those who diligently follow the commands of scriptures. Their breakthrough in life cannot be stopped by any conspiracy of devils (Deuteronomy 28:1-9). Remember, you do not get blessed as groups, but as individuals.

We have been exploring obedience of several scriptural commands since the beginning of the month. Some of these include the Kingdom-First Command (Matthew 6:33) and the Soul Winning Command (John 15:16)

We also looked at the Commandment of Kingdom Advancement Prayers and were made to understand that God expects us to engage in prayers for the kingdom, His church, His children and the salvation of souls. You do not attend a service without uttering a word of prayer for that service. Make it a duty and a lifestyle because it is a commandment and as you do it, the rewards due you will be given to you.


The love commandment is an overriding commandment and is the first and greatest one (Matt 22: 36-40). When we follow this commandment, we love what God loves.

It means that we will love His house, His people, His word and we will love to serve Him

What is in this commandment of love for me?

  1. Divine Manifestations. (John 14;21). Showing love for God is the shutting down of the work of the devil. (1st Corinthians2:9)
  2. No Failure

When you are in love with God, He shows up for you and you step into the failure-free realm of life (1 Corinthians 13:8).

  1. Everything Works

All things work together for your good (Romans 8:28)

  1. Divine Deliverance

When you become a lover of God, He becomes your defence. You are guaranteed divine deliverance and protection (Psalm 91:14)  (Isaiah 43 :4).


I speak not by commandment, but by occasion of the forwardness of others, and to prove the sincerity of your love. - 2nd Corinthians 8:8.


If you love God you will win souls for Him. The greatest interest of God on earth is the souls of men (John 3:16, 21;15-17, 1st Timothy 2:4, Ezekiel 18:9), and He wants them rescued from eternal punishment (John 10 :17).

Singing love songs to God is good but He prefers us to pass the acid test of love, which is winning souls into His kingdom. Use every available means to bring souls into His kingdom and God who watches you do it in secret will reward you openly. The most effective sickle of harvest is the sickle of prayer, when you pray passionately for the advancement of God’s kingdom, He manifests openly in your life.

  1. TIME

If you love God you will have time for Him. Your time allocation determines your heart’s priority because it is natural for one to always have time for who or what one loves. If you do not have time to pray for the things of God it simply means you do not have a heart for Him and if you are not interested in His things, He too will not be interested in you or anything that concerns you. For a person not to be able to afford two hours in a week for God is a clear indication that the person does not love God.


In John 3:16, The Father demonstrated His love for mankind by giving us His only Son (1st John 3:16-17). If you love God you will love the people of His house and Kingdom. For example, some are unable to come to church because of transport fare. If you truly love God who has blessed you, you will give willingly to help bring people to church. God is looking for kingdom trustees; people who will pay bills on His behalf and when you position yourself correctly, you become a channel of His wealth.  All you need is a giving heart and when that is in place, things to give will enter your pocket. Luke 10: 29 – 37.

“A millionaire is not the one who has a million naira, but the one who touches a million lives for the better.” Your wealth or value in life is not tied to how much you have in your account, but rather tied to how many lives you are able to impact with that wealth.

We must remember that our obedience to these commands brings about SETTLEMENT  in our lives.

Every child of God is entitled to timely settlement. In 1st Peter 5:10, the bible declares thus, "after ye have suffered a while He will make you perfect, stablish you, strengthen you and settle you. It means that challenges of life are not permitted to last beyond a while

But what is settlement?

Settlement means an end to suffering, crisis, concerns and struggles in life.

What does it mean to be settled?

To be settled means to come to a place of rest, where nothing disturbs you or takes away your spiritual, physical, marital, financial peace. In Ezekiel 36:11, God says, "I will settle you" and the proof of that settlement is that things will be better, easier  and sweeter for you.  When God settles you, everything gets better for you.

However, the master key to all round settlement is serving God. Verse twelve of second Chronicles chapter fifteen says, “…they entered into a covenant to serve the Lord their God...”and in verse fifteen, it says, “…the Lord gave them rest round about…”.(2Chronicles15:12, 15).  You need to enter into an irreversible agreement to serve God and with that He will be ready to manifest and settle you. The children of Israel enjoyed all round rest for twenty solid years until they shifted from serving Him.  Remain and grow in service and your settlement is guaranteed.