“Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked”-Ephesians 6:16
Faith is God’s instrument for executing the 'enough is enough' verdict. If it is not good it is the work of the enemy, not of God because every good and perfect gift comes from above. Therefore, we should neither nurse nor accommodate evil rather, we must learn to have zero tolerance for what is not good. Sickness, poverty, untimely death, frustration and the like are not good and it takes faith to root them out of our lives.

Faith is a weapon of war, not fun-fare :When you notice anything that is neither glorious nor praise-worthy in any area of your life, you fight it. We must take on the offensive and defensive weapon of faith to eliminate that adversary. “Fight the good fight of faith that you may lay hold on eternal life”...that you may lay hold on what Christ has purchased for you, the superior and God kind of life. Eternal life is immune to sickness and begging, therefore if you do not see the God-kind life (peace, prosperity, authority of God), there is need for a fight. Stop wishing and waiting; many are wasting as believers because they refuse to fight.(1 Timothy 6:12)

Although God says “behold I have given to you everything that makes for life and godliness” (paraphrased), there is a contention and resistance from the adversary so you need to put up a fight of faith or else, you will be floored. Your promised land is waiting for you,. Do not accept any justification for failure, neither make excuses for non-manifestation of eternal life.

It is an insult for believers to be oppressed while sleeping, not just on their personality but on Jesus that shed His blood for redemption. The scripture says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood so you need spiritual red eyes. That is why some athletes take drugs to be high in energy and performance and when they get into the ring (for boxers), with one hook of a punch, their enemies go down. But there is something higher than drugs called spiritual wine which turn your eyes spiritually red. The Bible declares that "the kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force." This means that refusal to be spiritually violent can keep one in perpetual oppression on earth. So, fight the good fight of faith; living like a civilian may cause you to end up a casualty because life is a battlefield .

With all these in mind there is need for believers to be spiritually intoxicated so as to embolden our faith and loosen our tongues, both in prayers to God and in bold declarations towards unwanted situations.

In addition to the Holy Ghost, Revelation, Testimony and Praise wines, we also have Vision wine and Love wine.
VISION WINE: Every true vision drives the vision carrier because it is like fire shot up in his bones. Paul, a man of vision and impact once said, "woe unto me if I preach not the gospel..." Not even imprisonment could stop him from that mission because he had a vision from God. The Bible, which is the most authentic book of vision and revelations also doubles as God’s dream book for man, waiting to be discovered. So, every word from it that we receive and believe, we are empowered to become. If we can paint pictures of such words, that becomes a vision. (Matthew 24:35, Isaiah 29:11-12)

Visions gotten from God's word can be even more powerful than angelic voices. Hezekiah was able to reject Isaiah's message because he had a vision of when he should die. The Bible says, "we heard the voice from heaven...but we heard a surer word of prophesy..." Nothing is surer than the words of scripture. Vision is not about a man of God pointing a long rod at you and claiming to see certain things about your future. You do not need anybody to see any vision for you because the vision of all is in the Book (Isaiah 29:12).

LOVE WINE: The Holy Ghost which, if you recall, is also a form of spiritual wine empowers our love for God. When the disciples were filled with the Holy Ghost, people thought they were drunken with alcohol. Being filled with the Holy Ghost is being filled with spiritual wine and one potent function of that wine is to empower our love for God. Paul, speaking by the holy Spirit in Romans 8:35-38 asked the people if anything could separate us (believers) from the love of God. Some people would use clothes as an excuse not to be in church. Why should clothes separate you from meeting your lover? Your lover does not look at your fault. If indeed you love God you will not see any fault in Him because love covers a multitude of sins. When you are empowered by the Holy Ghost to love God, you will look around your life, and find that He has done everything well. (Romans 5:5)

When we talk about love we mean loving God above everything, including yourself. When you are truly in love with God you are in Him and whatever bows to Him bows to you (1John 4:16).
True love triggers violent faith (Dan 3:14-28). Because Daniel loved and trusted in God he was able to defy the laws of nature in the lion’s den. Our love for God frees us from fear and emboldens our heart for conquest (1 john 4:17).
Being fully drunken wth the wines of Vision and Love also guarantees divine favour (Luke 2:52).

A banquet represents satisfaction, it means you are entitled to as much as you like.
The summary of favour is goodness and mercy. It attracts whatever is good and eliminates what is not good. Favour makes you stand out and is superior to skill, expertise and qualifications. It makes one more preferred above others.
When you enjoy favour with God, men will also favour you. There is no need to lament about men hating you because all you need is God's favour. Some are stars today not because they are the best. Favour is the source of life as it breaks medical protocols that will not allow you to get children. When favour comes it turns weeping to laughter and mourning to joy.
Though God’s favour is a divine converter, it is not free. As free as salvation is, man still has a role to play, to be saved. There is always what man must do for God to move. Therefore, to enjoy God's favours, goodness and mercy, there are certain steps to take.

Keys to Attracting Favour
 Be in love with God, serve Him and the interest of His kingdom (Matthew 22:36-40). Loving God is not by merely singing or coming to church. The capital prove of our love for God is demonstrated when we take interest in winning souls for him (John 21:15-17). Believers who show interest in self alone rob themselves of the favour of God. Christianity is not about self but about the kingdom and others. You cannot claim to love God if you do not love others because souls are the greatest treasures on earth (Luke 15:10,. Psalm 102:13-15).

Anyone who wants favour must serve the interest of God, the Master of the universe by going beyond winning souls to establishing them. That is wisdom. No sane mother abandons her newborn in hospital because after childbirth comes childcare. For instance, any parent who wants to enjoy the benefits of having a medical doctor as a child must be ready to invest for at least twenty-one years. We have gone out to win souls who are still spiritual babies at this stage. It is time to nurse them and we do so by consistent follow up, to a point where you have a change of story. Everybody has a divine benchmark, until you meet that benchmark or requirement from God, nothing will happen. You know you have reached your benchmark when your story changes.

 Sow seeds of favour. Life is a process and if you dodge the process of life you miss the product. Life follows a pattern of seed time and harvest (The question is, what kind of seed are you sowing, of your time, of your resources? If you sow nothing, you reap nothing. Be a blessing, be an agent of putting smiles on the faces of others. .Many expect something, yet do nothing (Galatians 6:7). Genesis 8:22).

 Connect to carriers of contagious favour :The fastest root to excellence in life is connection because "who you know” can be more useful than what you know. When "who you know" supports what you know, the result can be very rewarding. No man succeeds in isolation and capacity to forge and maintain relations is your capital in life. After Cornelius prayed and fasted, God needed to connect him to Peter for him to enjoy salvation. In the same light, some things may elude you unless you connect to your Peters. Thank God for your prayers, fasting, giving and service; you need your Peter in life to fulfil your destiny. Remember, Potiphar enjoyed favour because of Joseph.; Lot connected to favoured Abraham and made it.

In conclusion, desist from criticizing and despising favoured people and celebrate greatness, grace and favour because you attract what you celebrate. Stop hanging around a circle of frustrated people. Look for successful people to become their friend, not to collect from them but to invest and sow in their lives and what is working for them will start working for you. Remain Ever Blessed!!!
Jesus Is Lord!!!