“According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertains unto life and godliness, through the divine knowledge of Him that hath called us to glory and virtue...”-2 Peter 1:3
From the above scripture, God’s plan for our lives is that every aspect of our lives must radiate the glory of God; if it is not good, it is not God and as such, must be unwanted. God’s word says all things that are not glorious must be terminated.

Now FAITH is the spiritual instrument through which we establish the “Enough is enough” verdict in the life of every believer. So whatever mocks any aspect of our destiny, by the instrumentality of faith, should be totally uprooted(Ephesians 6:16)
In Mark 11 Jesus felt hungry and approached a tree, seeking fruits from it and because he was not satisfied with the result he got, he placed a curse on the tree. According to scripture, the tree dried up instantly.

In verse 21, in response to Peter’s amazement at what had happened to the tree, Jesus said to them, "have faith in God", which is to say, have the faith at which God operates, which ensures that we confront to conquer whatever we do not want. You should rise above the level of self-pity to take on every challenge, like Jesus did with the fig tree.
From verse 23, Jesus teaches that whatever stands as a mountain before us can be moved. Whatever the Goliath - sickness, joblessness, frustration or satanic oppression - the important thing is, it can be removed by faith.

Scripturally all children of God belong to the ever-conquering tribe of Judah. If you are born-again, you are a member of that tribe. How do we know this? Galatian 3:29 says if you are of Christ, then you are a seed of Abraham and an heir, according to the promise.
But what is the big deal about being Abraham’s seed, one may ask ? Genesis 49:8 says the hands of Judah shall be on the neck of his enemies, and Judah is one of the children in the lineage of Abraham. It therefore follows that as Abraham was, so was Judah and so shall every seed of Abraham - every genuine member of the body of Christ - be.
Every child of God is a spiritual Lion and for the lion nature in us to manifest, it has to be stirred up. For instance, you will not taste the sugar in a cup of tea until you stir up the tea. We must operate in faith and be drunk with some brands of spiritual wine, for the Lion nature in us to be awakened (Revelation 5:5, 2Timothy 1:6-7)
Brands of Spiritual Wine

1. The Holy Ghost wine. This triggers the violent faith which makes us conquer in every battle of life (Acts 2:2). There is an intoxicating dimension of the Holy Ghost. When you are filled with spiritual wine, you become spiritually intoxicated which causes you to operate outside yourself and do or say naturally impossible things, just like Peter in Acts 2:14-23 Many people are too organized to enjoy the supernatural. When Peter got intoxicated spiritually, he accused the powers that be of murder and nobody could arrest him. This wine is accessible through prayer and fasting (Psalm 63:1-3). Undertake fasting and prayer if you want to experience the greatest dimension of God's glory and power. When you pray and fast, you renew the spiritual wine that stirs up the lion nature in you. Prayer and fasting are to position us for winning the battles of life. Make prayer and fasting a life style and let them become part of you, bearing in mind that in life, you do not get ready, you live ready. Apostle Paul was able to destroy those who tried to frustrate his work in Acts 13:8-12, because he was a man of violent faith.

2. The Revelation wine. God's word is loaded with wine genes (Isaiah 55:1-2,10-11). You buy wine and milk from the word of God. Every time you receive the word either in your private study or in church, you are receiving the wine gene of the word of God. There is a dimension of drunkenness in the word that makes you 'do the unusual '. But you see, we get drunken in the word only when we search for it, study and meditate on it. Listening to the word is not enough to get you intoxicated, you need to meditate on it. It is pertinent us to allow the word of God to ferment in the temple of our heart because that is what will get us intoxicated.

The word 'rescue' is a military language; it means freedom from confinement or danger. You do not rescue somebody by gentility, but by fire or force. However, there is no act of God without man's part to play because every act of God is as initiated by man. We serve a covenant-keeping God who does not want any of His children imprisoned. His provisions are readily available, but we have an obligation to play our part in order to access those provisions.
Weapons of Rescue (2 Cor. 10:3-4)

1. New birth : In the world of darkness, light is supreme. When you become born again, you become a child of light, but you must understand that salvation is a gift, it can be lost, that is why it is important to guard your salvation jealously. Know that if you are a child of light, you are free from the prison of darkness and darkness cannot bind light. Your salvation is a weapon of rescue. (1 John 5:4, 1 Thessalonians 5:5)

2. Obedience (2nd Corinthians 10:4): This is the most effective weapon in the kingdom. 2nd Corinthians 10:5-6 says, "Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; “And having in readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled”. You must see obedience to God’s word as a weapon. Our challenge lies with epileptic obedience or total lack of it. Many are not obeying God, while some obey Him partially. It takes the fulfillment of your obedience for things to happen. For instance, if you obey God in the area of soul-winning, making yourself His agent of rescue, God will surely rescue you in times of challenges. What you make happen to others is what will happen to you. You cannot be truly engaged in this operation of winning souls and be held bound by the power of darkness. A lot of people come to church to be entertained by the Word of God. God does not bless church attendance, He only blesses those who are obedient to Him. As potent as prayer and fasting may be, they are no substitutes for total obedience. . If all Abraham did was to sing God’s instructions every day without moving as directed, he would have died in barrenness. When God spoke to him he departed, when he was instructed to go and sacrifice his son. It was not convenient, but he went early in the morning. The things that accompany Biblical instructions are more than money. A lot of people have money but they neither have sound health nor peace.

3. The blood: “As for thee also, by the blood of thy covenant I have sent forth thy prisoners out of the pit wherein is no water" - Zechariah 9:11. No matter where Satan has kept any aspect of anyone’s destiny, if you engage in the weapon of the blood, you shall be rescued from that pit. So engage the blood regularly to free yourself from any kind of satanic confinement.

4. Prophetic Connections. Hosea 12:13 says by a prophet God brought Israel out of Egypt, out of imprisonment and slavery. Thank God that you are born again,. A lot of people are being messed up by the enemy because they feel they can do it alone. Jesus said, "I have sent you like sheep in the midst of wolves." Your active connection to your prophet or shepherd is a guarantee of your rescue because prophets are God’s rescue agents. . Stop being a lone ranger in the things of life. There is no point in its life that a sheep will grow up to become a shepherd and no sheep will ever outgrow the need for a shepherd. A lot of believers suffer humiliation in business and life because of their disregard for the prophets over them. In Luke 13:34 Jesus lamented thus: "Oh Jerusalem, o people of God which killeth the prophets"...consequently they have become desolate. In times of difficulties, it is your vital spiritual connections that bring you out...your heart connection, not lip-service connection. There are priests and prophets sent by God to you and despising them is like choosing to die in slavery. To enjoy their covering, believe them, obey them, follow their scriptural instructions and honour them, and everything that God has ordained for them to deliver in your life shall be delivered to you. Remain Ever Blessed! Jesus is Lord!