“For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith- Mark 11:23.

Evert child of God belongs to the ever-winning tribe of Judea, the tribe that never loses any battle; always returning with testimonies. It is a tribe of lions, that prevails in the face of challenges; a tribe that does not allow any unwanted situation to stay beyond a moment. These people do not justify failure or nurse misfortune, and have zero-tolerance for stagnation. They believe that the lines must fall unto them in pleasant places as at when due and required.
Though we truly belong to this tribe, we need the instrument of faith to execute the "enough is enough" verdict that establishes our dominion.

A believer who desires to take charge in every area of life must possess the God kind of faith (Mark 11:22-23) that commands mountains, unwanted situations and obstacles to disappear. No wonder Ephesians 6:16 declares,"Above all taking the shield of faith wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked." Therefore, we must come to the understanding of how powerful the instrument of faith is. Our eyes have to be spiritually red; we need to be merciless in our declarations towards our spiritual enemies in order to keep them permanently away from us.
God responds to wickedness by cursing and releasing His instrument of death upon it. As His children, we should not condone wickedness but pray and fight against it. When Sennacherib, trusting in the might of his army, boasted against God, Hezekiah took the matter to God and the Almighty responded by killing about 185,000 of the former's soldiers.. However, to achieve this, we need some brands of spiritual wine.

Some of the wines that can get us spiritually drunk, red-eyed and violent are:
Passion Wine
All triumphant, prevailing and pace-setting believers are passionate believers. Everyone who commands enviable results in their field are passionate in their various pursuits.
Passion is a strong and uncontrollable emotion towards a pursuit in life. As believers, we should have a strong and uncontrollable feeling towards God and His kingdom, a visible and strong drive in accomplishing His assignments.

It is impossible to meet with a passionate person and not know it because it cannot be hidden it shows in their language, look, dressing and manners.. Passion will set you on fire and make you restless, so you do not fold your hands and live your life at the mercy of situations.
God, our Father is passionate towards our wellbeing, His emotion is involved in anything that concerns us and that is why the Bible records that heaven rejoices at the salvation of a soul (Luke 15:7,10)

In Matthew 21:12-13 Jesus exhibited passion when He saw people buying and selling in His Father's house. He could not stand it and so began to physically drag them out of the temple. Passionate people do not tolerate nonsense. He said "my Father's house is a house of prayer".
Passion distinguished Jeremiah, Paul, Daniel and Peter also demonstrated it when he stayed with Jesus after everyone else left (John 31:37).

It is pertinent to note that you can only be spiritually violent about the things you have passion for. Are you passionate about GOD? Are you passionate about the things of the Kingdom? What is the proof of your passion?

Praise Wine
When you are drunken with this praise wine, no situation can stop you from praising God. In John 6:5-12 Jesus was confronted with apparent lack when He was presented with five loaves of bread and two fishes with which He was to feed a multitude of five thousand men. Rather than complain about the insufficiency, He thanked God for expectant abundance and indeed, abundance came
A lot of people complain and question God when faced with challenges. They lament about their services in His house and the rewards they seem not to be getting, forgetting all the good things that He has done in the past.

How do you react to challenges? At another time, after the death of a beloved one, Jesus gave thanks, not for death, but in response to the scripture that makes us understand that in every situation God is faithful and available to turn things around. As a result, His friend came back alive (John 11:41).

When you are intoxicated with the praise wine people will think you are mad because what makes others cry will only make you smile. This is because you know it takes praise - not tears - to secure Gods presence and His presence is what is required for a change.
Praising God in the midst of your battles is a proof of your faith. Abraham was strong in faith praising God while still expecting His promise.

It is important to be drunken with the praise wine because when we praise God, we magnify Him and lift Him and the moment you lift Him, he lifts you out of challenges. So praising God is one sure way out of every challenge. Complaining, crying, murmuring and blaming God complicates situations. You may succeed in attracting the sympathy of men but at the same time you put God's presence far from you.

Another thing which praise does is Tha it ensures that we stop losing to the enemy.

No More Loss
We must understand that man's losses began in the garden of Eden when Adam fell. Man fell from grace and became an object of disgrace, losing his connection with God. (Genesis 3:1-13, 2nd Samuel 24 14-15, Genesis 3:8-10). Man lost his dominion, dignity, prosperity, comfort and honour. We can therefore deduce that losses emanated from the fall of man.
Overcoming Losses

We can overcome or terminate losses by
1. New Birth: Until you get born again, you suffer again and again. At redemption you are translated from the kingdom where people suffer losses on daily basis to the kingdom of God, the kingdom of profiting. (Colossians 1:13). Every child of God is a child of light (Ephesians 5:8) and in this new kingdom, the powers of darkness are not permitted to steal from us (John 10:10).
2. Commitment in Zion: To be committed in Zion is to be fruitful in the kingdom. Obadiah 1:17 makes it clear that those who are committed to Zion will not record losses.
Mount Zion is the place where we charge our spiritual light; (Psalm 84:7). So to remain charged you have to be in Zion otherwise your light begins to go dim.

Wise people are not Sunday-Sunday believers, but Zion addicts who take advantage of every opportunity to be in Zion. When you come to church, you come to the city of the living God to meet with Jesus the mediator of the new covenant (Heb 12:22-24).

Also in Zion, we enjoy prophetic covering because Jesus is the Prophet of prophets. When David was been pursued by the enemy, he ran to a company of prophets (1st Samuel 19:18-24) and the enemy could not prevail despite the number of soldiers.

When you are under a prophetic covering you cannot be assaulted or molested. The worse time to stay out of church is when things are tight because Zion is a place of safety. Do not just get born again and sit in church as a bench warmer. Be committed to serving God and the interest of His kingdom and be rescued from the plague of disease. The bible says in Exodus 23:25, "you shall serve the Lord your God and He shall bless your bread and water...I will take sickness away..." You will not suffer the loss of strength or vitality. When you serve God, you secure health, fruitfulness and many more, and you are delivered from loss of honour. Job 36:11 tells us that "if you obey and serve Him you will spend your days in prosperity and your years in pleasure."