Christianity is a kingdom of mysteries, just like Matthew 13:11 says, that we are given the mysteries of the kingdom. But then, we have to understand what mysteries are.

A mystery is a divine secret embedded in scriptures, which offers great returns with little effort. The returns obtainable from engaging in biblical mysteries far outweigh the actual engagement. Mysteries attract inexplicable, yet undeniable returns, and one of the greatest mysteries in the bible, is praise.

Those who engage in the mystery of praise command the greatest miracles, signs and wonders. Many people miss out of these mysteries because though they are powerful, they appear too simple to be true. That is why the bible says the natural man does not receive the things of God. It is so because the natural man has a complicated mindset which believes that if a thing is not complex, it cannot offer great returns. However, we must understand that whatever appears to be complicated is not from God. Do not allow your enemy to corrupt your mind from the simplicity of the gospel because as simple as the mystery of praise is, it commands the biggest returns.

Praising God is not a religious entertainment; it is warfare and one of the great wonders of praise is the fulfillment of prophecies (1st Timothy 1:18). No prophecy  can fulfill itself and no matter the source of the prophecy, we have to do warfare to see it fulfilled. That is where many believers miss it; they receive a word of prophecy, whether from the scripture or from an anointed, and go to sleep. Why must you do good welfare? Because every blessing, plan or provision from God will always be contested by the enemy, as 1st Corinthians 16:9 reveals.

It is not in the nature of Satan to fold his hands and watch good things happen to you. Every blessing and provision of redemption will always attract the enemy's protest and contest. That is why the bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood; we are in a permanent state of war. So if as a child of God you have a civilian mentality or lifestyle, there will  be casualty in your life because you will be a victim; things will not work and it will seem as if God is a liar. The bible says 'we wrestle'  meaning that it is a permanent, continuous demand. Whether you are ready or not, your enemy is ready to fight at all times just to make it look as if the bible is not correct.


God said that Israel will spend four hundred years in captivity but the enemy elongated their stay and they remained in bondage until God came down to free them. You see, that prophecy would have remained dormant without God's intervention and praise is one fundamental way to bring God down. It is an invitation that God cannot resist or refuse in all ages (Genesis 15:13-14). They had to stay for an extra thirty years, orchestrated by the evil one and when God came down as the bible illustrates in Genesis 12:21, the host of Israel went out from the land of Egypt. So, no matter the prophecy, blessing or provision of redemption that has remained elusive to you till now, just engage in high praise this month and see God come down to forcefully bring them to pass.

For God to come down, praise is a must. Psalms 22-3 declare, "But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel..." Praise is God's habitation just as every praise-full believer becomes God's habitat. God will never come around any life, church, family or business that is praise-dry. Just like no fish will ever accept an invitation to attend any occasion on land, no matter how big the event. That is why the enemy will do anything to stop humans from praising God and keep them in a state of murmuring and complaining instead. This will enable him disconnect them from God so that he can continue to keep them in bondage. We must be smarter and wiser than the opposition, we must learn to continue smiling in spite of challenges because that is the only way to attract God's intervention in our situation, so as to destroy opposition and shatter all barriers.

We must understand that there are barriers that will never go and so many doors will remain shut forever without the application of praise.

But, how do we connect all of this to fulfillment of prophecies? Remember, It takes God to bring about the fulfillment of prophecy and it takes praise to bring God into the scene. When God steps in, the case is closed because as long as He is for us, no one can be against us (Romans 8:31).

When God told Abraham that he was going to have a child, Abraham had to fight the good fight of faith because that word from God was resisted by the enemy (Romans 4:20). It's okay to praise God after things have happened, as many of us would do but, nothing may happen if you wait because we praise Him to  make things happen.

Abraham was strong in faith, giving glory to God and Isaac arrived.  From that scripture, it is clear that praise is strong faith in action. Praising God when it seems like nothing is happening - as in the case Abraham - is a demonstration of strong faith. No matter what you do, your faith is fake if you are not praising God. If you are not giving glory to God, you are weak in faith and if you are weak in faith, you get nothing from God because without faith, it is impossible to get anything from God. So when we praise Him, we do so because we believe in His word, which is designed for fulfilment. We bring God down through praise to destroy all barriers, opposition, contentions and resistance from the enemy against the fulfilment of prophesy and our dancing is one major way to bring God down.

So, praise time is warfare time because the bible says, let the high praises of God be in our mouth and a two edged sword in our hands.

Brethren, as you praise Him beginning from now, every age-long bondage or mark of Egypt around your life shall be terminated, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!