Every prophetic word, according to scriptures,  is for  a set time because our God is a God of times and seasons (Ecclesiastes 3:1). In Genesis 21:1-2, the words God spoke came to pass in the life Sarah and she bore Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time.

Though prophecies are for a set time, we must understand that

(a) bringing prophecies to pass is warfare; we do not wait for prophecy to fulfil itself.

(b) we have to engage in praise for God to be provoked to bring that prophecy to pass.

The things we expect can only come to pass by the hand of God and for God to step in, praise is a mandatory requirement. God has not changed his mind about the things he said this year so, do not alter your position, do not stop believing because the Bible says it shall speak at the end, regardless of what has not happened from January till date.  The best of God is always released at the end for those who stay believing till the end. Be not slothful, do not fold your hands waiting for something to happen (Hebrews 6:12).

 Somebody was so determined that the prophecy he heard will be fulfilled in his life that he danced around his certificate in intensive praise. The following day he got three miracle jobs; it was not an accident, God was provoked to step in.

So like in John 2:9-10, be steadfast in praise, knowing that the best of the year is about to come (Job 8:7, Psalms 65:11).

But, how does God intervene, one may ask.

We serve a God of seven-day intervention. Joshua 6:14-20 says, …for seven days you will walk round the wall and on the seventh day the wall of Jericho came down.

One Sunday, a lady received, believed and warred with the prophecy that someone would become a landlord in seven days.  By Tuesday, her uncle called her and within the week, bequeathed a landed property to her.

Our God can also show up in three days (Hosea 6:2). In Luke 18:33, the Bible talks about how Jesus will rise again on the third day.

Also, according to Revelation 18:2-19, divine intervention can take place in one hour. In that scripture, Babylon, the headquarters of satanic powers was judged and rendered desolate within an hour.

So, time for praise is time to dance,with targets in our heart of things that must come to pass.

To experience a strange order of favour, we must give God a strange order of praise  (Psalm 67: 5-).

Praise can also help us avert danger. When Isaiah prophesied death to Hezekiah, the latter faced God with his strong reasons and God  promised him fifteen more years. Hezekiah had to engage God in praise for the promised addition to  materialize. In Isaiah 38:20, Hezekiah proclaimed, ... "the Lord was ready to save, therefore we will sing my songs.."  If Hezekiah never sang he would have died, though God had promised him fifteen more years. God has said many things to us that we are yet to see because most of us are just waiting, doing nothing. Praise is one great way to compel God to bring to pass, what He has spoken.

Brethren, let's not forget that not praising God is tantamount to pride. The Bible commands that everything that has breath should praise God and so long as you are still alive, praising God is obligatory (Psalms 149:4), because God needs it in order to perform His wonders in our lives as believers.