Everytime you hear a testimony, you celebrate the God behind the testimony. “And God wrought special miracles" and so for every miracle we hear, it is God that is behind it. Even as we receive the Word and engage in praise and partake of the Holy Communion today, special miracles shall be wrought in somebody's life in Jesus name.


Exod. 15:11(For thou art Holy, Who is like unto thee O Lord among the Gods, who is like unto thee. Glorious in Holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders). As we engage in high praises, fearful wonders take place. Whatever will take God, will take praise. "For God inhabits the praises of His people" Whatever is beyond man will require divine intervention and whatever requires divine intervention will of necessity demand praise. God will never show up in a praise -less environment and a praise -less life. If you are praise dry, forget about divine intervention. No act of God will ever be wrought in a praise less environment.

One thing you need to know today or throughout this month is that God will work with praiseful people. God keeps company only with praiseful people, irrespective of the happenings around the person. If you want God to work for you, then be full of praise! Whatever takes away your praise has robbed you of divine intervention and disconnected you from your helper. When we engage praise, we bring to pass the fulfilment of prophecy. The Bible is a book of prophecy and inside the scripture, are books of prophecy and every word from the anointed vessel is a prophecy to us (it is "thus saith the Lord"). Every word from the anointed messenger is designed for fulfilment in the life of the persons they are sent to, but for those words to come to pass, God has to be engaged. Every prophetic word is a sworn verdict (Isaiah 13:24). If God promised His son/daughter to be satisfied with long life, it is a sworn verdict that God must bring to pass. No prophecy will fulfil itself, there are demands for a prophecy to be fullfiled. No prophecy can be fullfiled in the energy of the flesh. Every word of God can only be brought to pass by the ability of God because that word from God can only be brought to pass by God's surpassing power. The question is what is my covenant positioning to see to the fulfilment of the prophetic word in my life? The prophetic word could be either from the scripture or from His messenger. Everytime you hear a prophetic word, check out for the demands; for example, as free as salvation is, He said "repent and be baptized and you shall be saved" but he that does not believe is damned (Mark 16:16).for example, if you have repented but not baptized, you are yet to be saved because everything has to follow scriptural demands irrespective of any church doctrine. For example; the Bible says if you want to enjoy the financial fortune lifestyle, you must submit yourself to the demand of giving as a lifestyle. It is the will of God for His people to prosper and be in good health, but there are demands of giving if you want to enjoy the provisions of prosperity. You have to subscribe to all avenues of giving with diligence and consistency if that life must come to pass.

May you receive today the grace to comply with all demands of prophecy. Many people that have submitted to the demands of "My case is different" prophecy have received several testimonies under this prophecy and many more will still receive theirs and nobody in this church will have carry-over of unfulfilled prophecy in Jesus name. There is a case of a man who refused to accept being sacked in his office by going through all the 60 declarations in the year 2017 prophecy and rebuked being sacked.

A declaration was made concerning his sack reversal in church the following Sunday and he was called back and reinstated within 21 hours the next day. You need to fight a good warfare for a prophecy to be fullfiled in your life (1 Tim 18). If a man does not know his package for the year, he cannot contest for his right. Many of us are being robbed of what belongs to us because we are unaware of our own portion. God has not changed His plan concerning year 2017 prophecy of "My case is different" why must you change your position? It won't take God more than one day to fix every aspect of our lives, so God can still fix that remaining issue of yours before the last day of  2017 prophecy (5th of December). God is only looking for the stupid who will believe Him till the end because He said "At the end it shall speak" and every divine plan and agenda speaks the loudest at the end. Between now and 5th of December 2017, I declare that your case will openly be different! What God has spoken is still in line to be fulfilled if you will not stagger. Abraham believed in hope against all odds.” He staggered not at the promise of God”. He was strong in faith giving glory to God (Romans 4:20-21). Abraham did two things: 1. He obeyed God. 2. He was celebrating God to bring the prophecy to pass. In Genesis 2:1-4, if Abraham had refused to leave his father's house, God would have used someone else to fulfil his prophecy. For His prophecy to be fulfilled, God changed his name from Abram to Abraham (The father of many nations). Abraham despised the mockery and the word came to pass. If we are Abraham's children, let us follow the example shown by him. Prophetic declarations should not be turned to a souvenir of religious greeting. For the 2017 personalized prophetic declarations to be fully fulfilled in your life, you must meet the conditions stated. A man who has not sown any seed before watering will have nothing to harvest no matter how wet and fertile the soil is. Praise is a means of thanking and celebrating God in advance for the fulfilment of His prophecy. Inspite of Joseph's condition, he kept celebrating God for His prophecy concerning him (Genesis 39:3, 21).God cannot keep company of somebody wearing a long face. Once you have received the word of prophecy, engage praise to bring God down for the fulfilment. "For with God all things are possible". You cannot get at God without praise, so it can be said that "For with praise, all things are possible" like Herodias’ daughter, when we dance and praise God to His satisfaction, He will give you a blank cheque. One way you demonstrate your praise is by dancing (Psalm 149:1-3). God is not behind any man's problem, He is the only one that can bring you out of your predicament only through high praises. Nobody's pitiable condition can make God to violate His own terms. If you want God to intervene, then you must praise Him in a dance. A dance is taking articulated steps (moving of legs, hands, head, neck etc.) in praising God (Psalm 103:1-3). You have to dance with all your might just like David. Jesus believed in the prophecy concerning Him by obeying God (Philippians 2:5-8). You are not design to look for blessing, blessing is designed to look for you. When you obey God, blessing will locate you in your seated position. If you mind your reputation while dancing in God's presence, then you will be amputated. (Hebrews 12:2). You have to start your day with singing so that Satan will not capture the day (Psalm 42:11). Forget about your circumstances, focus on the Word and celebrate what God has said concerning you. Even if you are yet to experience any fulfilment from January till now, celebrate what you are expecting to see in the remaining part of the year.