“And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven"- Matthew 16:19.
The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom that operates by keys. We must come to the realization that everyone of us, by virtue of being born again has what it takes to command the supernatural at will. When you have the key to a particular door you do not struggle to gain access and if you misplace your car keys, you will struggle to get in. With the right keys in your possession, you have it the way you desire at all times.
Every child of God is an heavenly citizen and the citizens of heaven operate on heavenly lifestyle, on earth. No child of God is a natural human being; when we give our lives to Christ, the scripture says we are translated and seated together with Christ in heavenly places. So we need the keys of heaven to live a life of heaven on earth; a life without struggle, sickness, frustration, begging, weeping nor sorrow. It is a reality that you can enjoy a foretaste of heaven before your eventual departure to heaven, at an extreme, old age. But there are keys required to get that done and one of such keys is knowledge (Luke 11:52). The knowledge and understanding of a life in the supernatural, and your rights in redemption put you in command and make the supernatural a natural occurrence in your life.

Divine presence is the master key that qualifies us to manifest the supernatural at will. God with you, God in you, God for you is the mystery of commanding supernatural breakthrough in every facet of life. It is the consciousness that we are not alone in this world, that when we give our lives to Christ, God comes inside of us and we also enter into Him. The knowledge of our oneness with God is the master key to operating in the supernatural.
The presence of God with Joseph turned a slave to a prince. God’s presence is the key to breakthroughs.

Breakthrough means succeeding, in spite of opposition. It is having your way in spite of obstacles; getting your heart desires in spite of challenges. When we carry divine presence mountains melt (Isaiah 64:1). There is no mountain, challenge, difficulty or obstacle of life that can stand divine presence. Mountains, in Psalm 114:6-7, represent spiritual and material barriers. When we give our lives to Christ we enter into Him and because Christ is one with God the Father (John 10:30), we become one with God (2nd Corinthians 5:17). Jesus enjoyed numerous breakthroughs because he was constantly conscious of divine presence (John 8:29, 14:9). At the point where we become one with God, no mountain is insurmountable. The Bible says, Christ in you, the hope of glory.
So bear in mind that the Miracle Worker, the Supernatural God cannot be inside you and you still go out searching for miracles. You are not supposed to be begging for miracles because you are a walking miracle yourself. Colossians 3:3 makes us understand that our life is hidden with Christ in God, and God is the Miracle Worker so we are externally surrounded by the miracle worker.

Divine presence can be activated by the following:
1. FAITH: It requires your faith for that divine presence to be activated. Hebrews 11:6 says it is impossible to please God without faith, and it takes pleasing God, for him to be with you. Jesus said, “because I do always the things that please my father, He is with me.”
We walk by faith, not by sight, according to 2nd Corinthians 5:7; you do not use your feelings nor the happenings around you to determine God’s presence with you. God has said it in His word that He dwells in me and I in Him therefore, I carry divine presence.
Stop making comments like “under this circumstances what can a man do?”, because you are neither a natural man nor under the circumstances of life. You are above all the forces that negatively manipulate life’s circumstances because you are seated in heavenly places. You therefore command and activate divine presence by your faith and faith will always speak. Live with that consciousness at all times.
2. LOVE: Your love for God activates divine presence (John 14:21). It is authenticated by doing what pleases Him (John 8:29) and nothing pleases God like soul-winning. That is the greatest prove of our love for God (Luke. 7:5-8, John 21:15-17). When we do this, we attract God's presence, which in turn, enables us to engage the supernatural, commanding signs and wonders. Things that eyes have not seen nor ears heard, begin to answer for us. Signs and wonders always follow those on the go, those in pursuit of God's interests. The Scriptures say there is joy in heaven, at the repentance of one soul.
3. Our love for God also grants us access to divine secrets that make us stars in life (John 15:15). In business we have trade secrets and people who are making it have access to certain secrets which they operate by, which gives them a competitive edge above others. The Bible teaches us that the secrets of the Lord are with those that fear and love him, so the secrets which will turn anyone into a global star is with God. But God only reveals them to his lovers - Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, Paul. There are certain things you cannot know by studying but in a moment, God can reveal those things to you. Just one secret is enough to open the person up. What Joseph and Daniel had access to cannot be gotten by any other means. The king dreamt and Daniel the lover of God, the servant of God, the one who is in partnership with God in projecting and advancing His Kingdom, was able to reveal and interpret it, through God’s revelation. Job 29:4 tells us that Job had access to divine secrets. As a result, he became the greatest business man of his time. But remember our love for God is what qualifies us and our pursuit of souls, praying for their salvation, investing our time and energy to see to their establishment are your authentic proofs that you love him.

God is interested in our business because He is a business minded Being . He is also interested in showing or teaching us how to make profit in business (Isaiah 48:17, Luke 2:49).
 Business can be defined as any activity that we engage in for the purpose of making profit (Luke 19:13). God has assigned everyone of us to be profitably engaged in life and that is why the Bible says if any man will not work, let him not eat. God does not want any man to be dependent on others(Luke 19:13)
 God is interested in you doing productive business:In Matthew 25 and Luke 19 the Bible tells a story where a master gave each one of his servants things to do business with. Jesus likened the Kingdom of heaven to a travelling man, who gave his servants his goods. Every child of God has heavenly goods, heavenly treasures, and heavenly gifts deposited inside and He expects us to express what He has put inside of us. Now it says He came back after sometime for each one to give account. One traded with it and got ten, another traded and got five; while the last one did nothing, returning the talent the same way. The master got angry with him, saying, thou wicked and slothful servant, I expect you to increase and multiply what I gave you. I expect you to inject life to what I gave you...
The master in that story, recommended punishment for the slothful servant because he saw the servant as wicked. So every Christian is gifted and endowed but identifying what is given to you and trading with it, bring profiting.
 Put your best into whatever you do: The diligence we apply to what is given to us and the results make the difference. You also need the help of God. Your field, profession or skill notwithstanding, you will prosper by the help of God and by His blessing. But, that blessing and help will only come as you mind the things of God. In that parable, after he had cast out the unprofitable servant he said to the one with ten talents and the other with five talents, "when you saw me naked you cloth me, when you saw me hungry you fed me." They said, "when did we see you to do all these? He made them understand that the purpose of business is to take care of His Kingdom interests. That is what gets God involved in your endeavours. You are not in business just to be busy or just to make money for yourself, you are in business - as a believer - to make money for the kingdom.
In that Matthew 25, immediately after casting out the unprofitable servant, he gave them another parable, meaning that the money you get from your business is money on a mission. You must mind the things of God if you want God to help you in business. For you must remember the Lord your God for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth. He will give you the strength, guidance, contacts and favour to get wealth. That he may establish His covenant, that is the purpose of giving you that power.The idea, the purpose of the business is to advance His kingdom. No matter the business you are engaged in, except the Lord builds the house they labour in vain (Psalms 127:1-3).
God's help answers when we mind His Kingdom. The purpose of our work is for us to give; every believer must understand these fundamentals if they do not want to continue struggling. In Ephesians 4:28, the Bible says, "let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour, working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth." The purpose is to be a giver, to be a blessing: to give to the kingdom and to others. But if somebody’s reason is to make money and enjoy it alone, God will not help him.
The question is: Do you have God's interest at heart? When you align your heart to mind the Kingdom of God then God will mind your business. It is only what you do for the kingdom that outlives you. God will help you when His business becomes your business, when you recognise Him as chairman of the business and the tithe from that business will open the heavens over you. God's major business is the business of winning souls and spreading the gospel and so long as you remain interested in that, God makes sure that your business continues to fly.

If you do not want your business to die with you, start promoting kingdom business. Have a budget for the kingdom and your children will never beg. (1Chronicles 29:3-28).
In conclusion, David had a heart for God and every thing he touched turned to gold. You cannot have a heart for God and not make a mark on the earth .What eyes have not seen nor ears heard becomes your natural experience from henceforth.
Remain Ever Blessed !!! Jesus Is Lord !!!