In Luke 7:2-9, the Centurion, whose servant was sick, told Jesus, “you don’t need to come to my house, just say in a word, and my servant who is at home shall be healed. I am aware that your word carries power and can terminate every terminal disease.” Jesus marveled at that, because he had not seen such great faith before.
God’s word is the balm in Gilead that establishes our supernatural healing and health.
Every redeemed is a supernatural being and that supernatural status must reflect in our health. You are not permitted to fall sick the way others do because redemption ordained and brought us into sickness-free realm of life. Everyone who is born again, according to 1st Peter 2:9, is redeemed to live a life of marvel, a life where you become a surprise to everyone around you, after the order of Jesus Christ.
Our divine health entitlement can be enjoyed through;
1. THE WORD OF GOD (Psalm 107:20). When the light of the word breaks forth, ones health springs forth speedily (Isaiah 58:8). We understand from Ephesians 2:6 that redemption repositioned us above all principalities, powers and forces that torment the body (Ephesians 1:20-21). When we give our lives to Christ we are redeemed, which means we have been bought off the market. Before giving your life to Christ, we are in the market of the devil where Satan is free to afflict us with any sickness. Jesus came, paid the price by shedding his blood and bought us away from the market; we are no longer available in the market to be oppressed, tormented or be sick. The same price that was paid for our sins was the same price He paid for our sickness (1st Peter 2:24). Sickness is illegal in the body of anyone called a child of God. That is what redemption brought; you are no longer an ordinary, but a supernatural being.

What is in the word of God that heals?
a) Power: Luke 5:17 says as Jesus was preaching the power of God was present to heal.
b) Light (John 1:5): Sickness is darkness but the word of God brings light. So when the word comes, it shatters the powers of darkness responsible for all sicknesses and diseases.
c) Divine Nature (2nd Peter 1:4): God's word conveys divine nature, transmits divine traits and divine nature cannot be sick because it resists sickness.
2. FAITH: It is not just the word but faith in the word. In Heb 4:2, the word that was preached did not profit the people because the hearers did not listen with faith. Everyone that Jesus healed was possible through faith. He said "Thy faith has made thee whole", not thy face (Matt. 9:22). In Mark 5:34, it was the faith of the lady with the issue of blood that made her whole. Many people have faith in doctors more than God and this can be seen in the way they react whenever they are being examined by a doctor. God is saying to you right now that He has healed you of that affliction! It is the report you believe out of what you hear that determines what happens to you. It is not what God said, it is what you believe out of what God he said. We know that doctors are doing their best to help humanity, but do not put your faith in them. There are so many diseases today that cannot be cured medically because the root cause of such sicknesses are spiritual. As a result, they require spiritual solutions. Peter's mother-in-law was suffering from fever until Jesus stood, rebuked and spoke to the fever. That means the spirit behind that fever has ears to hear and as Jesus rebuked that fever, she was made whole. In Luke 13, the woman with the spirit of infirmity could be assessed to be suffering from dislocated vertebrae by any doctor of today, but she was healed by Jesus rebuking the spirit of infirmity.
3. THE HOLY COMMUNION. This is one of the supernatural mysteries which God put in place to service the health of His supernatural beings called believers. Any supernatural disease requires supernatural drug which is the communion because it is the most effective and most potent drug you can ever take. Someone who had cancer, took Fanta with bread as communion and the cancer melted. An elder was diagnosed with HIV, after she prayed and took the communion, new samples of her blood showed no trace of the deadly disease,. to the amazement of the medical personnel.

What is in the Holy Communion?
The Flesh and Blood of Jesus. (Matt. 26:26-28), “And as they sat on the table he took bread and blessed it, and said, take it, this is my flesh. And as they were eating he took the cup and said this is my blood of the New Testament” whether blackcurrant, Coke or Fanta, it is the blood if the word is spoken into it. That is the mystery of the communion.
What is in the flesh? In the flesh is the rod, a miracle rod, a supernatural rod that swallowed up all the rods of Egypt. So picture this rod as a supernatural rod, that when taken, locates whatever is not of God in your body and swallows them up.
The blood carries the nature of Christ. Leviticus 17:11 says the life of the flesh is in the blood. So when you partake of the blood you are ingesting the life of Christ. Whatever is not traceable to the life of Christ cannot be traceable to your life. Can Jesus have liver problem? So, if you partake of the communion today the nature of Christ, the life of Christ, the liver of Christ, the kidney of Christ, the body of Christ shall be transmitted to your body. Inside this blood we share the same blood group with Christ. It is a supernatural, mysterious blood transfusion.
The Communion impacts us, spirit, soul and body. The blood of Jesus purges our conscience and spirit from every form of disease.
It also impacts our mind. As you take of the Communion you are partaking of the nature and mind of Christ. It takes care of mental disease, memory loss or insanity.

Today marks the end of your ordeal with sickness and disease !
Every appointment with death is cancelled !
Every disorder and abnormalities in your body finds their way out now!
Every rod of magician and strange movement is decreed flushed out now !
Whatever cannot be found in Christ shall not survive in your body anymore !
Whatever people pity about you becomes testimonies of envy !
Receive the sickness free nature of Christ !
Every foul Spirit responsible for any health concern in your body is cast out today
Every failing organ is recovered fully !

• Those who worship God with their means never lack means- 1 Chronicles 29:2-5.
• Those who serve God don't beg bread- Psalm 34:10.
• Those who celebrate problems never get free from them- 1 Thessalonians 5:18.
• When your heart begins to go after God, good begins to pursue after you-1 Kings 3:3-14.
• Just walk with God, your enemies will walk away- Proverbs 16:7.