“The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit- John 3:8”
No child of God is an ordinary person. Everyone that is born again is a supernatural entity and god-being in human form. The negative things that happen to natural men are not permitted to happen to God's children.

The word Supernatural means 'superior to the natural'. So a supernatural life is that which is above what obtains naturally, which overrides the natural. John 3:8 gives us a vivid illustration when it likens God’s children (that is those born of the Spirit) to wind. No one can capture wind or stop it from blowing or manifesting. Supernatural is unexplainable but yet undeniable, just as no one can explain how bones grow in the womb of a pregnant woman.

You are not a natural person by redemption. The supernatural is not an exclusive preserve of the apostles, pastors or deacons, but an entitlement of whoever is born again. We enter a realm where our lives should be an amazement. Others may die or experience accident but it should be minus you. That is the supernatural life, neither knowing better last year, nor having ups and downs. So stop talking as a natural man, do not lose your supernatural identity. Living among men does not mean we are human. As children of God, we are gods, living the sickness-free and failure-proof life. Getting a job without application or pregnant without fallopian tubes. How do you explain that?

A miracle or the supernatural is simply the confirmation of the word of God received, believed and obeyed. Manifesting the supernatural starts with receiving God’s word, believing it and obeying the instructions therein. From John 1:12 we understand that those who receive Jesus - the Word - are given power to become sons of God, members of that family which manifests the supernatural. So when you receive the Word, you receive God and receiving God is embracing the supernatural. In the same vein, when you reject the Word you reject God. A lot of people reject the Word, not knowing that they are rejecting God. Many believe God for miracles, supernatural turnarounds, healing but they unknowingly reject the answers to their problems by rejecting the Word (Acts 20:32)

Quite a good number of people rather look for magic, than embrace God, His Word and the supernatural. That is why many are victims of swindlers and spiritual scammers. They want riches overnight but God is a God of process. In 1st Samuel 15:6 He said, “because thou hast rejected the Lord, the Lord has rejected thee." Because King Saul rejected God, God rejected and ejected him from the throne. In the story of the man who was born blind in John chapter 9, Jesus said go to Siloam and wash, and the man received the Word, obeyed the instruction and came back seeing.
Many come to church, receive the word but would not go to Siloam , yet they expect Jesus to do something immediately. At the wedding at Cana Mary told the people who wanted wine, "whatever He tells you to do, do it." What is the relationship between water and wine? So, God’s word and or instructions may not be related naturally to what you desire but if it is God’s word, you must just obey like a foolish man because the preaching of the cross is foolishness to them that perish, bearing in mind that the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.

The Supernatural Power of Love.

The pursuit for souls is the capital proof of our love for God, which is vital for the manifestation of the supernatural. In John 14:21 Jesus says whoever hears his commandments and keeps them, loves him and the same is loved by Jesus and the Father. He goes further to say, "And I also will love him and manifest myself to him."

God’s love attracts divine presence .God’s word says no man can do miracles unless God be with him. If you want miracles or the supernatural, let God be with you. God is saying, "for me to be with you, love me and prove it by pursuing after souls. God so loves souls that He sacrificed His only son. So, you cannot claim you love God without loving what He loves. Loving God does not end at coming to church.(John 3:16)

In John 21:15-17, Jesus asked Peter thrice, if he loved Him (more than bread, butter, honey). Though Peter answers in the affirmative, Jesus still told him, "feed my sheep." That is to say, be interested in the rescue, salvation and preservation the souls I died for.
If you are not actively engaged in seeking the salvation of souls then there is a big question mark about your love for God. It is like trying to take advantage of God and God can neither be deceived nor used.

He knows everything; He knows those who are merely looking for something and those who are sincerely engaging. Until you show your sincere love for God, you will get nothing from Him. Your fruitfulness is tied to your pursuit of souls in this season of enthronement. If the instruction of feed my sheep is too big for anybody then you have no business being in church because that is the platform through which God meets our needs.
Titles, church membership, church attendance do not move God; it is obedience to instructions that move Him and you cannot decide what instruction to obey neither can you tell Him what prayers to answer. He makes that decision Himself and the earlier you plug into His instructions and run with it, the better for you. Whatever He tells you to do, do it.
I can imagine God at the entrance of the church every Sunday saying to you, “my son, I come seeking fruit from you…” what fruit will you present to Him? Did you come to church expecting just the preaching and prayers of the pastor? The pastor can preach and pray but it is God who will confirm the pastor’s prophecies and that God is asking you to obey him by bringing souls to His kingdom. Is that too much to ask?

What is Destiny ?
Destiny is a pre-determined plan of God for an individual (Romans 8:29). You are not an accidental being and what He has predetermined for you is enviable and glorious. Therefore we should be uncomfortable when we see things that are contrary to glory in our lives.

It is also important to note that our destiny is unlimited because it is not a particular destination and it has unending chapters. That is, you do not get to a particular point and say "I have fulfilled my destiny." You go from one point to another, the Bible says we are changed from glory to glory.

An encounter is a turning point that leads to a supernatural turnaround. That is, in the unending journey of destiny, you get to a point where things happen suddenly to make things better for you. It is an incident that leads to the opening of another chapter in the journey of destiny.

1. You must be spiritual (If you want the fulfilment of this great plan of God, a plan of prosperity, sound health and of being a star to be established then you must be spiritual. .Spirituality is scripturality. You scripturalize every aspect of your life, allowing it to be guided, monitored and controlled by scriptures. (1 Corinthians 2:14)
2. You must be sensitive (Revelations 1:10).
 Sensitivity to God: God speaks always, He wants to tell you what to do and what not to do but men do not always hear. You either hear the word in church or study the Bible. You must give room to God for Him to come down and have an encounter with you. God may also appear to you in visions, encounters that you can never forget.
 Sensitivity to God-sent people. You must be sensitive to receive the people that God has sent to be a blessing to your life. There are people you should not walk with and there are those you must walk with. Jesus was sensitive enough to encounter John the Baptist, in order to fulfill His destiny. Walking in the company of the blessed makes a man blessed and vise versa. In Genesis 13:5 God called Abraham and blessed him. Lot was also blessed for keeping company with Abraham. The Bible says evil communication corrupts good manners.
 Sensitivity to places. Places matter to our destiny and God has respect for certain places. Some places open up your destiny while others may worsen an already bad situation.
 . Sensitivity to books. Although encounters happen through books, the last thing many would do is to open one. The destiny of Jesus could not be fulfilled until he opened the book. There are things written for every one of us in the Bible and scriptural books help us to explain it. A lot of people would rather fast and pray than read books. (-Luke 4:16-18)
3. Be passionate about Kingdom investment project: Do not be bothered about when He will open it, just busy yourself doing what he commands. When God considers you due for the next chapter, He will open it by Himself. All these prayers of "God please open the door" are not necessary, just engage with God sufficiently, letting Him partner with you and everywhere you go, gates will sense God's presence with you and open on their own accord – (Matthew 6:32-33,Psalm 24:7. )
In conclusion, you must understand that obedience to every scriptural instruction brings about supernatural turnaround in our lives. Remain Ever Blessed !!! Jesus Is Lord !!!

o Every caged or pressed-down destiny is released today !
o From this month, nothing shall be able to stop your advancement !
o When others are struggling, you will be smiling and prospering !
o In this month of June, God will connect you with destiny helpers in every area of life !
o Everyone that has been laughing at you before will turn around to laugh with you !
o In this first month of the midst of the year, every everlasting mountain, perpetual hills and issues of concern shall be turned to testimonies!
o The colour and beauty of God over the Commission flows into your life in Jesus Name !
o Every satanic manipulation against your destiny is destroyed this hour in Jesus Name!
o Beginning from today, God will order your steps to everyone that matters to your destiny!
o From today, you are released as a blessing to your world !

 God does not reward status, He only rewards service – Exodus 23:25-26,
 God will always test us with little before He puts much into our hands- Luke 16:12.
 Never take God for granted, give your engagement in the kingdom a business like approah- Job 36:11.
 Your level of commitment to Christ is what determines your ultimate accomplishment in life- Matthew 6:33.
 Enthronement does not answer to prayer, it only answers to service- Luke 22:26-30.