"For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD; because they called thee an Outcast, saying, This is Zion, whom no man seeketh after”- Jeremiah 30:17

I will Restore Health unto You..." This is the mind and will of God, and when He stretches His hand, no man, circumstance nor condition can turn it back.. Matthew 4:23 tells us that Jesus (the Word) healed all manner of  diseases and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Wherever you see Jesus in the Bible you can safely put 'the Word'. It means the word of God heals all manner of sicknesses.. God does not get ready to heal, just as He does not get ready to save the lost; the instant you accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour He saves you, without excuses. The same power that brings salvation of souls is the same power that heals.


Every child of God has been redeemed from the harassment of death. By the death and resurrection of Christ, we are now  beneficiaries of the covenant of longevity that God gave to Abraham. In Genesis 25:8, the Bible, talking about Abraham, says, "then Abraham gave up the ghost and died in a good old age, an old man, full of years..." Christ came to connect the redeemed to the blessings of Abraham which include the blessing of old age (Galatians 3:13-14).

Until the death of Christ, death ruled over humanity. In Hebrews 2:14, Jesus destroyed Satan, who used to have the power of death, and took the power from him, and when He died and rose (Rev. 1:18) He said, "I am He that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore Amen; and have the keys (access, power, control) of  hell and of death."  So the key to your departure from earth is no longer in the hand of sickness, meaning that you do not have to be sick to die.

All powers have been given to Jesus, who does not hold it against you, but in your favour. You died with Jesus when He died and when He was crucified on the cross you were crucified with Him. That is the purpose of water baptism. Every believer must come to the point of this revelation because it is appointed to man once to die and every child of God has already died with Him(Significance of water baptism). That is why we say believers do not die, they only sleep. You were raised up together with Him, now you are seated with Him in high places, far above the one that used to have the power of death.

What we have just been reminded of are covenant provisions, and for every provision of scriptures there are demands. As free as salvation is, there is what man must do; you must confess that Jesus is Lord.   In the same manner, He has obtained victory over death for us. The sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God which giveth us the victory (over death) through our Lord Jesus Christ (1st Corinthians 5:56-57).

Therefore, to enjoy dominion over death, you must

  1. See It In Scriptures (Genesis 13:15). Whatever you cannot see from the scriptures, God cannot release to you. So it begins with seeing and hearing the word of long life. If you go to a place where they believe that anybody can die or be sick or be a victim of accident at anytime, and believe the same, that is what you will get because it shall be to you, according to your faith. It is your faith that determines your experience, not God.
  2. Be Committed to the Advancement of the Kingdom. God's kingdom advances faster when souls are won. Be committed to winning souls and establishing them in the kingdom. In John 15:1-2 Jesus talked about how God preserves soul winners. If, for instance any branch, (believer) - fails to produce fruit, the husbandman (the father) will allow or permit the departure of that person. But anyone that  bears fruit He will purge, prune and make healthy, that he may bring forth more fruit, even in old age.

Soul winning guarantees sound health and vitality that bring about the fulfilment of our victory over death. No one graduates from any school when they fail a principal course. Soul winning is a principal course for every believer. In Exodus 23:25-26, the Bible says if you serve, He  will bless and preserve.

(2nd Timothy 4:5, 1st Corinthians 9:22, Luke 19:10).

  1. Resist Fear: Fear is a trap of death, it is Satan's handcuff. He can neither arrest, oppress, molest, steal, kill nor destroy without imputing fear, which is his advance party in capturing his victims. The phrase "fear not" appears three hundred and sixty five times in the Bible, that is, one for each day. God You become a victim of whatever you are afraid of. Many are so afraid of death that they have become victims of it.

Proverbs 29:25 tells us that fear brings a snare, meaning that  whatever you fear today will happen tomorrow in all probability. Job was a righteous man but he surrendered to fear  and became a victim if it (Job 3:25).

We need not fear because though arrows, destructions and pestilences abound, they will not come near us, according to Psalm 91:5. Although Gehazi saw trouble looming and became scared, Elisha asked him to relax, saying, "those with us are more."  That is the kind of mentality that God wants us to carry.

Fear is the opposite of faith and works directly contrary to it. Just as faith activates God, fear activates Satan and when he senses fear anywhere he is attracted because fear magnetizes  him.

Fear comes as a result of the things you hear, see and read, even through dreams. The devil generates fear by highlighting the evil that happened to others and making you believe that if it happened to that person who appears to be more righteous, it can as well happen to you. So whenever Satan shows you anything contrary to what is written in the Word, irrespective of the means of presentation, reject it on the spot and violently send it back to wherever it came from. It may come through your thought so do not respond to thoughts with thought, respond to thoughts with words.

Chase satanic thought out of your domain by strong declarations. Satan needs your permission to act. Do not permit him by keeping quiet, use your mouth to cancel the thought of death! Scripture says "give no place to the devil." If prophecies can be rejected, how much more evil thoughts and dreams?  Hezekiah rejected Isaiah's prophecy of death by reminding God of his service and he lived.

  1. Have Faith: Whenever fear knocks send faith to open the door and you will be amazed how it will disappear. The living faith is the speaking faith. When you remain quiet you draw near to the grave, which is synonymous with silence. When fear comes, do not keep quiet. It is better to be called a loud-mouthed believer because of the bold way you speak (Psalm 34:10-13, Proverbs 18:21. Numbers 14:28).

The effect of negative speaking is clearly illustrated in the story of Stephen's death. He proclaimed death when he was stoned and passed away.   Paul, by contrast was faced with a similar situation but refused to speak death, and lived to fulfil his ministry.

  1. Avoid Speaking Guile (Psalm 34:13): Guile, which has to do lying and deceit, impacts negatively on our longevity. Stand for, speak and project the truth at all times. The bible says whoever tells lies will not tarry in God's presence (Psalm 101:7). We are in a world where truth is very scarce and that is why Satan the serpent has been biting because people are breaking the hedges. Do not promise what you cannot deliver, it is one vital secret of longevity. Pa Sadella, a man that lived to see a hundred and seventeen years highlighted living by the truth as one of his secrets, in a book he authored (Proverbs 19:9). It is better to be punished for speaking the truth because truth will always remain but it is always difficult to manage a lie. You will always need another lie to cover up the previous one which will result in a mountain of lies.
  2. Avoid Evil Company (Psalm 34:14, 1:1). Mind your company because when the repercussion of evil company comes you may suffer damage. Lot lost everything when he disconnected from Abraham and went to Sodom. It took the mercy of God to save Jehoshaphat from death because of his relationship with Ahab. Everybody that travelled with Absalom died with him. Do not make friends with evil people. You cannot sow evil and expect to reap good. Strive to do good always. The good deeds of Mordecai rescued him from being hanged to death. He refused to partner with evil people.
  3. Develop a Relationship with the Sustainer and Giver of Life. Many come to church just to seek things from God, not wanting any a relationship with Him. It's just like the story in John 6:26, where multitudes followed Christ, not because they loved him but because they were fed with bread. We should labour for needs that endure forever (John 6:27-28), like a relationship with God the giver of life. Psalm 34:10 says they that seek the Lord will not want any good thing, like long life.
  4. Commit to Appearing in Zion: Be addicted to making regular appearances in Zion. In Psalm 84:7, the Bible says they go from strength to strength, every one of them appear before God in Zion. So if the church is a place where God renews our strength, we cannot afford to make irregular and or nonchalant appearances. A July 1995 Readers' Digest research revealed that people who come to church at least twice a week, live longer than those who do not. Regular appearance in church sustains our spirit, which in turn, sustains our body.


  1. Watch What You Eat (Psalm 103:5): You are what you eat and mind you, you do not just eat for fun, you eat for strength. Do not eat what you like, eat what is good for your body.

We must understand that our body can be likened to a car; many people are very particular about what they put inside the engines of their car but pay little or no attention to what they take into their system. God  gave us the body to give mobility to our lives hence, your body is the vehicle of your life. So you must be mindful of what you put in its engine.

There is a place for prayer but there is also a place for minding what you put on and inside of you. Be careful of the creams you apply on your skin because some of those things go into the body to destroy some cells.  Some are even carcinogenic!

Reduce the use some modern technologies like microwave, which alters  the structure of a meal. Eat things that are as close to nature as possible; avoid canned food.

  1. 10. Be Committed to Giving (Luke 7:2-6): A Centurion, whose servant was near death, sent elders to Jesus and when they went, they told Him that the Centurion was worthy of His intervention because he loved their nation and had built them a synagogue. The Centurion invested his resources in building churches and advancing the kingdom. This information propelled Jesus to go with them on the basis of the giving.

The things you gave yesterday will be a reference point for what God will do for you today and the ones you give today will be a reference for God's blessings tomorrow.

John D. Rockefeller, the first American billionaire decided to start giving out his wealth when he was diagnosed of cancer that was meant to kill him at fifty-one. The more he gave, the healthier he became and he lived up to ninety-three. So being  stingy is killing yourself without knowing. Benefits of giving include long life, health and vitality (Psalm 41:1-3).

When Dorcas (a giver) died, the anointing on Peter got provoked when they showed him all of the good things she had done. He interceded on  her behalf and she came back to life.

You can give your way to strength; start from your small state.

  1. 11. Honour your Parents (Ephesians 6:1-3). Dishonouring, disregarding and disrespecting parents constitute breaking of the hedge.. Let parents teach their children how to honour the elderly, which is a biblical tip for longevity. Even if your parents are not as knowledgeable as you, you must honour them.

In conclusion, understand that we serve a limitless God. It is your faith that limits God. When your faith says YES, God cannot say NO. Old age is your entitlement in Christ, you will not lack it in Jesus name.

Remain Ever Blessed !!! Jesus Is Lord !!!