ACCESSING GOD'S PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE FROM HIS BOOK (Covenant day of Business Breakthrough ) Part 4



Every commandment of scripture is for our good and behind every frustration in life is disobedience of man to prophetic instructions

Everything you will ever need in life is located in God's book and opening the book marks the opening of a man's destiny. (Luke 4:17).

The Bible is that certified guide of destiny. Whenever it is opened, we find what is written, the way to go and a better approach. Remember, there is a way that seems right to a man but the end is destruction, death and calamity. This is why we must  be led by God, which we can achieve through His word (Psalm 119:105, 16:11). There is a path  meant for each one of us to follow and the good news is that my path and yours are not the same.

We do not serve a stereotype God and as such He cannot have the same plan for everyone on earth. Though he does not change, he has different ways  of doing things.

Many of us may not experience the magnanimity of God the way we should because we have mistaken someone else's path for ours. In Isaiah 48:17, God says, I am the LORD thy God which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go.  You do not have to go in the way of others because God knows the way for you.

God's commandment is a lamp, His law is light and the reproofs of His instruction are the ways of life  (Deuteronomy 28:1, Job 36:11). God is already the Most High and obeying every of His commandment sets you on high.

What does God’s word say about you?

Although God's commandments represent light, many of us still struggle as a result of disobedience.  Obedience to God's instructions add, rather than  take from you (Proverbs 3:1-4). For instance, we have a mandate in this season to  establish at least, two souls in church, monthly. If God places a demand on you, it is to add to your life, that is why He says ye first the kingdom and His righteousness and every other thing shall become an addition to you.

All we need is to believe in the word of God which comes from the altar and engage in it (Mark 11:23-24, Isaiah 55: 11), to see the beauty of obedience. In this season, God is asking us to go - just like Jesus commanded his disciples - because He knows that our promotion, lifting and blessing is in going to preach the gospel.

We see God in action when we go out to the field. In Luke 22:35, the disciples of Jesus exhibited power, and they never lacked anything when He sent them out (Luke 10:17).

You are a child of destiny and not permitted to live like destitute:

Remember, it is what you do, not what you know or hear, that defines your destiny. It is true that our destiny is secure in God (Ephesians 1:5) but we must continue in obedience to God's commandments to fully actualize the blessings. 1st John 4:17 tells us that we are like Jesus, meaning that we should not enjoy any less dominion or royalty than he did on earth (Ist Pet. 2:9; Eph 1:5; 1Peter 2:9)

You are redeemed for exploits:

You are redeemed for exploits. Matthew 5:13-16  says we are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. For instance, instead of looking for job, start thinking about creating one, because you are a sign, wonder and solution provider (Isaiah 8:18).


You are redeemed for glory and honour, not for shame and reproach (Rom 8:28-30)

We have also been redeemed to enjoy breakthroughs in life.  We understand from Scriptures that the blessings of God culminate in breakthroughs on earth.  The Lord blessed Abraham and he became rich in cattle, silver and gold. But, these blessings of God answer to your service in the Kingdom (Exodus 23:25-26). Your prosperity is not determined by the amount of money you have, but by the blessings of God upon your life. So, when you are blessed, you are empowered to prosper in all you do.

How can enjoy breakthrough in business and career?

  1. Be mindful of wrong company: Psalm 1 describes a man of proper association as a tree planted by the riverside, which prospers and remains evergreen. Remember that the Bible warns that evil communication will corrupt good manners and therefore, we must keep the right company if we are to prosper in anything.
  2. Have a Kingdom mentality: God’s plan is for you to prosper in all things but you must possess the kingdom mentality. The mentality you carry determines what you experience. The kingdom mentality is the mentality that nothing can stop you. One of the main things that the devil attacks is our mentality. Jesus was able to withstand the temptations of satan because He had a victor's mentality. In 3rd John 2, the Bible says that God wants us to prosper and we must always have this at the back of our minds.

Channels of Blessing

We have highlighted the importance of attracting God's blessings by being a soul winner.  Another major channel of blessing is honouring our parents in the Lord, and our biological parents (Ephesians 6:1-3).

In addition to the above, we must always tithe our earnings (Malachi 3;1O), as this ensures that heaven's windows are constantly open to us.

Finally, remember to always minister to others, especially the poor and needy. The Bible says he who gives to the poor lends to God. No one lends to God and goes unrewarded.


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