ACCESSING GOD'S PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE IN HIS BOOK (Covenant day of fruitfulness) part 3



A word from the Lord is more than enough to change anybody's story for the better because everything about us is as contained in the Bible, the custodian of God’s plan for His children (Hebrews 10:7). John the Baptist, and even Jesus the Master found their own plans from the book.

Age is not a barrier to accessing God’s plan for our lives. Moses encountered God at age eighty, Abraham at age seventy-five, David at age seventeen and Joseph at age thirty. An encounter with God’s word heralds a new chapter in our life.

The Bible is the most reliable and authentic book of life one can build a dream and a future from its contents. Matthew 24:35, declares “...forever o Lord thy word is settled...."

God's word is the most superior source of knowledge. It does not only show us what to do or what we can become but also empowers us to become what it says. In John 6:63, Jesus says "It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life." (Ezekiel 2:2). The word is spirit and carries power to enable anyone who receives it to become what its content declares.

The Bible is full of dream seeds. (Luke 8:11), Every time we hear the word, a seed is planted. Eg the seed of sound health, long life etc. Life follows a process of sowing and harvesting and until the seed is sown, the harvest is not in view.  (1st Peter 1:23)

If you cannot find help from what the Bible says concerning you, then, God cannot help you. This is because God is only moved by His word (2nd Peter 1:18-19). The Bible is a book of prophecies. The prophecy of scripture is stronger than the prophecy of any man of God. You are to reject any prophecy that is not in line with scriptures.


You have an enviable destiny: God has planned and created you to live an enviable life. Everyone who is born-again is a spiritual Isaac. It is the heritage of every child of God to be envied. (Genesis 26: 12-15, Gal.2:28).

You have a glorious destiny; In 2nd Peter 1:3, the Bible says, According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:."

You are redeemed a star: Revelation 22:16 refers to Jesus as the Bright and Morning Star and He sent us just the same way His Father sent Him (John 17:18). If the one that sent us is a star, we too are stars, to shine as pacesetters and  trailblazers in our field.               

Although the above are all God’s plan, there are  demands if you are to actualise them. God is a covenant keeper and there is what man must do for the plan of God to be fulfilled. For instance, Proverbs 3:35 says the wise shall inherit glory. But, who is the wise? The Bible says he that wins souls is wise. So if you want His glory in your life be wise by winning souls.

Bear in mind, no one emerges a sports star as a spectator or referee. You may be the president, chairman or official in the church, if you are not involved in the practice and play on the field of soul winning, you cannot be a star.  The harvest field is just like the sport field and only players in the harvest field of souls emerge as stars.

We are also redeemed to be fruitful. It is so important to God, that He mentioned it when He first blessed man in Genesis 1:27, saying "Be fruitful and multiply..." .


  1. New Birth. The first key is to become a child of God. EVERY CHILD OF God is ordained to be fruitful in every area of life. Jesus calls us His branches in John 15:5. So long as you are born -again, you are connected to Jesus, the eternally fruitful vine and because Jesus cannot be barren, you cannot be barren.

1st Timothy 5:8 says anyone who does not provide for his house is worse than an infidel. God will never go against His word. So our fruitfulness is assured both in the works of our hands and in the fruit of the body (Jeremiah 1:5).

  1. Faith in God You cannot receive anything from God without faith, Hebrews 11:6. Faith comes by hearing God's word and so it is wisdom to engage the Bible in building our faith. Please note that irrespective of who is preaching to you, your faith is required for great things to happen to you. Jesus came with the greatest anointing but could not do any mighty work at a certain place, because of the people’s unbelief. Your faith is vital to your all round fruitfulness; faith in God, faith in His word and faith in the servant of God (Habakkuk 2:4, Rom 10:17).

Remember that faith without works is dead. Mix your faith with steps to show that you believe like behaving your desire and making bold declarations, not minding the prevailing circumstances.

  1. Service Fruitfulness is a reward for serving God. We serve God when we make out time, energy and money available for the interest of His kingdom (Exodus 23:25-26, Psalm 127:3)
  1. Joy and Rejoicing. Sorrow brings complicated bareness, but joy is a spiritual drug for fruitfulness. When you lose your joy, you lose your fruitfulness (Joel 1:11-12, Habakkuk 3:17).
  1. Have No alternative to God (Exodus 34:14). There should be no alternative to God as you wait or search for solutions to your desires. Psalm 16:4 tells us that the sorrow of those who seek other gods will multiply.
  1. The key of forgiveness. Unforgiveness is a hindrance to fruitfulness. When you harbor unforgiveness, you empower yourself for bareness (Gen 29:31, Mark 11:25-26)
  1. The Anointing. Isaiah 32:15 gives us an insight into how the anointing can turn a wilderness into a forest. In verse thirty-five of Luke chapter one, Gabriel told Mary that she would conceive by being overshadowed by the Holy Ghost.

Since we have established that the anointing  can secure fruitfulness (Psalms 92:1O-15), let us examine the other benefits in the anointing oil.

  1. The Yoke-Destroying Power of God (Isaiah 10:27).
  1. The Healing Power of God. The anointing heals every sickness or disease (James 5:14, Mark 6:7, 12-13).
  1. The Protection Power of God (Psalm 105).


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