ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 27 - 01 -2019

1. 21 DAYS OF PRAYER AND FASTING: The Ongoing Prayer & Fasting concludes today Sunday 27th of January, 2019. As we are all aware, every divine agenda speaks loudest at the end (Hab.2:3). Therefore, expect the greatest order of encounters with God in these final hours that will result into life-transforming testimonies! Remember, we are breaking our fast in the evening with the communion in the Church at 5pm.
2. COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER continues Tomorrow till Saturday at 6am
3. SHILOH 2018 MESSAGES: All Shiloh 2018 Messages are available on MP3 and DVD Formats. Please pick your copies from the Dominion Bookshop
4. “I Have Dominion” Stickers are now available. Please visit the Dominion Bookshop for your copy or check with the ushers at the end of the service
5. The Third (3rd) & final Youth Alive Prayer Congress in this ongoing Prayer and Fasting comes up today immediately after the 3rd Service at the Auditorium. All Youths are encouraged to be in attendance.
6. There is church planting facilitators form with the ushers for any member that may have information of possible locations in or close to their Home Towns/Villages where Living Faith Church can be planted.
7. Copies of our weekly bulletin “Signs and Wonders Today” are available with the ushers and at the Media and IT stand. Buy for yourself and for your friends as a tool for evangelism.
8. We shall resume fully into our 4 services beginning from next Sunday February 3rd 2019. Service schedules are 1st Service-6:30am,2nd Service-8:15am , 3rd Service -10:00am, 4th-Service 11:45am
9. GOOD NEWS!Next Sunday the 3rdof February 2019 shall be our Special Thanksgiving & Children DedicationService. Come expecting definite encounters with God via His word and Praise. Invite your friends, neighbours and colleagues for an unforgettable encounter in the Presence of God.
10. GOOD NEWS!!! As part of the demand for maximizing the blessedness offasting, we shall be taking a special humanitarian seed Today as announced last Sunday to cater for the needs of people in various Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps across the Nation. Items such as food, clothes, shoes, blankets, sanitary kits, etc shall be brought to Church. Each of us bringing cloths and foot wares should please note that items should be clearly marked, either for adult, male and female, children, male and female. Also note that food and other related items shall be received in monetary term, while we clearly mark offering envelope, ‘Humanitarian Seed’ and cheques addressed to, ‘Faith Tabernacle – Humanitarian SEED.’ This is for logistics reason, where major suppliers shall be made to supply at the various camps.
While the Church has been involved in sending relief materials to these camps at various time, it is our covenant responsibility as individuals to get involved. By this act of obedience, our dominion in life shall be established, both as a Church and as individuals. (Psa. 41:1-3/ Job. 29:4-17).Cheque should be addressed to faith Tabernacle Humanitarian seed. Please write your phone number at the back of the cheque.

As at today, there are over 680,000 Nigerians that are internally displaced. While our Church, the government and various NGOs are helping out, it is also our covenant responsibility as believers to get involved in alleviating the sufferings of these individuals. May the Lord grant us lasting peace in our nation. Amen.