ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 09 - 09 -2018

  1. Good News: Today is the final day of the On-going 7 days of fasting and prayer for the realization of Operation By All Means. Everyone is expected to break the fast at home after prayer and communion in the evening.
  2. Praise the Lord! In the pursuit of the last phase of our Church growth mandate for the year 2018, every Winner must be determined to register their twelve (12) standing souls both in the kingdom and in this church on or before October 7, 2018 (John 14:12);

Be determined to fill your cloud of stewardship in the course of this Operation, so you can come under the showers of blessing (Ecc 11:3/5);

Be determined to secure God’s commendation in the course of this Operation for your spiritual change of position (Luke 19:17-18);

Be determined to reach God’s benchmark of many for the rising of your Star (Dan. 12:3, Luke 12:48-49).

In the light of the above, every Winner must be determined to bring at least one additional soul to Church every Sunday between now and October 7, 2018.

As we engage with this last instruction of bringing one additional soul into the kingdom and this Church every Sunday in this last Four weeks of Operation By All Means, we shall be honoured, emerged tops in our endeavours and reign in life with Christ. Amen.”


3.COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYERcontinues from Monday to Friday at 6am and on Saturday at 7.30am.

4.MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE: There shall be Midweek Communion service this Wednesday 12th September, 2018. As our custom is, we shall be waiting on the Lord in prayer and fasting and will break in the church with the Holy Communion. Time: 5:00p.m. Invite your friends, neighbours, colleagues, e.t.c. to come and be blessed.

The Midweek Communion service holds here in the church and it shall be broadcast to the Four FELLOWSHIP CENTRES

5.BELIEVERS‘ FOUNDATION/MEMBERSHIP CLASS with water Baptism for all our new converts and first time worshippers takes place after every of our Four Services on Sundays at the Overflow. All who are yet to be baptized in water by immersion after new birth are expected to go to the baptistery at the car park behind the overflow after the service. Change of clothing will be provided.

6.Copies of our weekly bulletin Signs and Wonders Today” are available with the ushers and at the Media and IT stand. Buy for yourself and for your friends as a tool for evangelism.


7.Youth Alive Fellowship D-line presents Showers: an evening of pure worship today Sunday 9th September 2018. Time: 5pm.

8.Crowd Control Unit week comes up from Wednesday 12th – Sunday 16th September 2018.

9.Good News: Leadership has approved further reduction of school fees for all our schools.

10.There will be transport offering next Sunday. Please come prepared.

11.GOOD NEWS!!! Next Sunday the 16th of September 2018 shall be our Breaking Generational Curses. 1st service: Crushing Satanic Curses, 2nd Service: Uprooting Inherited Curses, 3rd Service: Breaking Hidden Curses, and 4th Service: Activating Generational Blessings.

Invite your friends, neighbours and colleagues for an unforgettable encounter in the Presence of God. Service schedules are as displayed on the screen.