ANNOUNCEMENT FOR 01 - 07 -2018

  • PRAISE THE LORD! ‘Operation 615’ is only 3 days more to go! That is, July 4th, 2018 while the special Thanksgiving for mission accomplished comes up on Sunday July 8th Just 7 days away. May no one take the crown of any of us in this operation 615 that is about winding up. Remember that operation 615 is ordained for our enthronement as in the case of Nehemiah which happened within 52 days. Amen and Amen. – Neh. 6:15/ Neh. 5:14.
  • There shall be special outreaches after 1st and 2nd services today.
  • There will be morning prayers from 08:00-09:00 and the Morning Raid will commence immediately after the Prayers and 5pm in the evening all through the week.
  • MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE: There shall be Midweek Communion service this Wednesday 4th July, 2018. As our custom is, we shall be waiting on the Lord in prayer and fasting and will break in the church with the Holy Communion. Time: 5:00p.m. Invite your friends, neighbours, colleagues, e.t.c. to come and be blessed.
  • The Midweek Communion service holds here in the church and it shall be broadcast to the Four FELLOWSHIP CENTRES
  • COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER continues from Monday to Friday at 6am and on Saturday at 7.30am, while outreach will be at 9:00am on Saturday.
  • BELIEVERS‘ FOUNDATION/MEMBERSHIP CLASS with water Baptism for all our new converts and first time worshippers takes place after every of our Four Services on Sundays at the Overflow. All who are yet to be baptized in water by immersion after new birth are expected to go to the baptistery at the car park behind the overflow after the service. Change of clothing will be provided.
  • Copies of our weekly bulletin Signs and Wonders Today” are available with the ushers and at the Media and IT stand. Buy for yourself and for your friends as a tool for evangelism.

GOOD NEWS!!! Sunday 8th of July 2018, shall be our Covenant Day of Enthronement which doubles also as Special Communion Service. Invite your friends, neighbours and colleagues for an unforgettable encounter in the Presence of God. Service schedules are as displayed on the screen.