1. 1. Operation Prayer for Life Continues

All members are reminded that Operation Prayer for Life continues till Sunday, 15th of October, 2017. Time is 5:30pm daily, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week.

  • COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER continues from Monday to Saturday 6am
  • WINNERS' MEMBERSHIP CLASS: The Winners' Membership Class for all our new converts and first time worshippers holds every Sunday at the children’s church Time: 4:00pm. If you are yet to be baptized in water by immersion, please come along with a change of raiment for water baptism same day.
  • MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE: There shall be Midweek Communion service this Wednesday 11th October, 2017. As our custom is, we shall be waiting on the Lord in prayer and fasting and will break in the church with the Holy Communion. Time: 5:00p.m. Invite your friends, neighbours, colleagues, e.t.c. to come and be blessed.


  • The Holy Ghost Tent is available for sale. Contact the church office for details.
  • WINNERSSATELLITE FELLOWSHIP: The Winners' Satellite Fellowship, our house to house fellowship holds between 5:00pm and 6:00pm every Saturday. Please take advantage of this forum for your spiritual uplifting.
  • GOOD NEWS: WOFBI October Special for BCC and LCC comes up on Monday, 16th to Friday, 27th, 2017. Please pick up your forms from the Ushers and the WOFBI Office. Scholarship for everyone that joined the church this year.
  • GOOD NEWS: There will be transport offering next Sunday. Please come prepared.
  • GOOD NEWS: There will be church based outreach on Saturday 15th October, immediately after Covenant Hour of Prayer.
  • BULLETIN: The first publication of the October edition of our bulletin: SIGNS & WONDERS TODAY is now available. Please pick copies for yourself and your friends from the ushers around the church premises and at the Media & IT stand. The second publication for the month will be coming soon within the month.
  • GOOD NEWS: All those who do not understand English language, should please go to the Holy Ghost tent for the Pidgin English translation of our services.
  • GOOD NEWS: It is Operation Andrew week; everyone is expected to come with at least one soul to church next Sunday.
  • GOOD NEWS: Sunday the 15th of October, 2017 is our Special Monthly Anointing Service. Tagged: Covenant Day of Fruitfulness. Invite your friends, neighbours and colleagues for an unforgettable encounter in the Presence of God. Service schedule as usual.